Don't let others define who you are. 

Keep following your dreams. Keep following who you believe you are. Keep your eyes on the target. Do not compare the successes of others to yours. You are where you are supposed to be at this very moment in your life. Just keep doing you.

Everyone has a purpose in life and what you're supposed to do is your journey and only your journey. Your unique dreams and goals are yours only. Allow yourself to embrace it.

"How do I focus on myself," you ask? Focus on giving more to yourself so you can give the best to those around you. Make time to meditate so you can gain clarity and direction. Remember, you can't get to where you want to be without asking for direction.

The ultimate thing to remember is:
Believe in yourself.
Sima’s Healthy Indulgence: 100 Revamped, Guilt-Free Recipes to Transform Your Life
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"5 Steps  That Will Alter
Your Relationship With Food
By: Sima Cohen

"Nothing is more draining in life than for a woman to be obsessed with food, to be in a war with food, to worry about food or to have her life consumed by food. On the contrary, nothing is more satisfying in life than for a woman to be at peace withand to have a healthy relationship with food, having the freedom to eat what she wants without harboring guilt."

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  "What’s your favorite cooking triumvirate? Sima Cohen nailed “sweet, savory, and simple” with an amazing butternut squash soup featuring our own Primal Kitchen® Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. We love it! Sima encourages people to live, laugh, love, and eat, and this recipe is a great sneak peek into her fitness program and food philosophy. The soup works as a full meal, and is filled with high ORAC herbs and spices, healthy fats, and an amazing amount of Vitamin A (go butternut squash!)."

Link to full interview:

Thank you for an awesome workout and cooking event Athleta! We had a blast at your Sherman Oaks Fashion Square location! It was an awesome time Sweating and Detoxing through my Body Trimming workout that is designed to blast fat and rev up metabolism and also sharing a select few recipes from my upcoming book Healthy Indulgence that helps detoxify and increase energy!
We've been working hard to bring you all new videos of weekly life lessons, daily healthy recipes and fitness videos! All of which can be seen on my social media outlets. This month, we are releasing a set of urban exercises -- exercises you can do from outside your home! Change your gym routine up with some fun yet very effective concrete workouts!
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Fré Skincare

FRÉ is founded by Mickael Bensadoun and Michael Azoulay. Fré is the first luxury skincare range for women who work out, specially formulated for sweating skin. With its breakthrough natural formula Argania Active Complex©, made of organic Argan oil, stem cells and water-extract of the leaf, FRÉ skincare set is a comprehensive 3-step facial skincare treatment that creates healthy, fresh and resilient skin for active women. FRÉ ultra-light and fresh formulas prevent sweat-induced skin damage from breakouts to dryness and premature aging and promote a natural glow. For every set sold, an Argan Tree of Life is planted to empower women communities who harvest Argan oil in Morocco, and protect our planet.

"I love this new skin-care line! It leaves my skin hydrated and fresh during and after my workouts. Finally a skin-care line that is made for women who sweat and live an active lifestyle! @freskincare specializes in combating workout-induced skin damage. Their 123Fré set is a 3-step anti-aging skincare that creates healthy and resilient skin.Their product is 100% vegan and their core ingredient is Argan which helps prevent breakouts and irritation. As a celebrity trainer and a certified nutritionist I highly recommend this product! Also, for every skincare set you buy, FRÉ plants a "Tree of Life" Argan Tree! Thank you Fré Skincare!" -- Sima

Eden Foods
Farmhouse Culture
Sari Foods
Organic Mushroom Nutrition
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JUNE MANTRA:  "Don't let others define who you are. Believe in yourself."


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Sima has over 20 years of experience as a  personal trainer and nutritionist armed with decades of first hand experience among world class mentors, teachers, institutions, and a multitude of success stories that will help elevate your life. Her life is dedicated to transforming the lives of others into a whole and balanced lifestyle.