LinkedIn Scaring Recruiters Away?
Knocks on opportunity's door… Trick or Treat? And, no one answers.

Did you know networking is still the number one way to get a job? And that 92% of recruiters sourcing for positions for employers check you out online? The majority of research is done on… Linkedin.

If you are using LinkedIn in your job search to open opportunity's door…. And feel like you are being tricked… more than treated…it’s time to take a hard look at your online networking game to see if you are scaring potential employers away.
Are you instilling fear in recruiters through your LinkedIn?
Find out how to remove that fear, and attract recruiters here.
It's Time to Be Self-Care Aware
To find out more about how you can implement self-care into your daily routine check out the full article here .
Breast Cancer Awareness Month and World Mental Health Day are stark reminders of why self-care is of utter importance. The goal is to help raise awareness. Each of us can contribute to ensuring that our friends and family who are dealing with mental health concerns can live better lives through dignity, respect, and support. These conditions can profoundly affect millions of lives, affecting the capability of these individuals to sustain relationships, maintain work, and even make it through the day.
 Why are we sharing this? Well, it goes back to SELF-CARE. Self-care is an important aspect of each of our lives and can help us lead healthy and fulfilling lives.
Congratulations, Aryan!
Aryan worked with one on one with his CASY Employment Specialist for less than one month before securing his post military transition career.

I had the necessary qualifications, but my resume needed some help. We ended reviving my resume and I started receiving more referrals.

The services provided by CASY and MSCCN are great, and the fact that they are available to veterans and family members for free is even better. Many veterans / family members need assistance but can't afford the help when private organizations charge $100's into $1000’s of dollars. CASY and MSCCN offering these same services for free makes all the difference.
Relocation Doesn't Have to Mean Starting Over.
Almost every time I’ve spoken with a military spouse with a successful career, they answer that they’ve had to “reinvent themselves” at every new duty station. For some, this sounds exciting but, for us seasoned spouses, this sounds exhausting. This reinvention doesn’t have to be! It doesn’t mean you need a complete career makeover, but rather a subtle face-lift.

Every position you’ve held, even for industry-specific job titles, has skills that are valued and needed in every industry.
Wanting to Update or Enhance your LinkedIn Profile? We Have the Course for you!
LinkedIn 101
New to the LinkedIn platform, or maybe you want to learn how to better utilize the options within LinkedIn? Our LinkedIn® 101 course is an introduction to creating a LinkedIn® profile. This on-demand (available 24/7) course provides information on how to complete a profile, make connections, market yourself, and search for and apply for jobs. The course also includes helpful tips and resources.
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