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Anxiety and anger or just two of the myriad emotions that people feel. And for some reason, we are prone to *own* them in a way that we don't own our other emotions.

We own them by saying things such as, "my anxiety stops me from _____", or, "my anger causes me to _____."

If we provide care and feeding to these two particular emotions and make them a character trait we have, rather than an emotion we feel, we are telling ourselves that these emotions control us, or that there is nothing we can do about what these emotions bring out for us.

I encourage kids to refrain from using *my* with these emotions and instead apply the emotion to the situation in which it arises. This sounds more like:

"The anxiety I feel when I am meeting new people."

"The anger that I feel when things don't go the way I want them to."

"The anxiety I have when I have to speak in front of the class."

"The anger that I feel when I'm not allowed to do something I want to do."

The emotions in this context lead us to the issues causing these feelings and the roots of the emotions that can now be addressed.



8 weeks available from 7/5 to 8/23/2022

Ages 5-9 & 10-14

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

9:00 AM-Noon

Register for one up to eight weeks. No deposit is required to reserve your spot(s).

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All weekly groups meet from 4:30-5:45 PM.

Please note: these groups will pause for the school year on June 17th and resume the week of September 5th.

Mondays - Ages 11-14

Tuesdays - Ages 5-7

Wednesdays - Ages 8-10

Thursdays - Ages 7-9

Thursdays - Ages 13-15

Fridays - Ages 5-7

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For Teens and Young Adults Ages 16-22

This program supports teens and young adults in developing confidence, practicing social-emotional skills, and beginning job skills.

Are available in-person or via Zoom. Get in touch to book a workshop for your staff or group today!

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