In February of this year, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was temporarily closed by Jerusalem’s Christian leaders in protest of a new taxation imposed upon the Christian institutions by the city of Jerusalem. This was an unexpected break in the status quo going back to the Ottoman era which had previously granted tax-free status to the city’s religious institutions.  
By Rev. Dr. Jack Sara

At this very moment, someone (we don’t know who) somewhere (we don’t know where) is praying for us. Perhaps this person is praying for an individual, perhaps for the entire community of students, staff and faculty at the College. That unknown someone is asking God to meet our needs, to bless us, to comfort us, and to be with us in our joys and sorrows.

Gender equality is one of Bethlehem Bible College’s core values. It seemed appropriate to bring greater attention to this due to the amazing achievements of a few of our faculty members during International Women’s Month. Our hard-working staff and faculty strive to provide quality education that holistically ministers to our students, and we are thankful for their commitment and fortitude.

Usually people run marathons and ask others to sponsor them to run for a cause, but in Palestine, it’s a bit different: here the race is the cause!
Restricted in their right to movement in their daily life, seven thousand Palestinians and internationals from 70 countries around the world participated in the 6th annual Palestine Marathon this year.

  • Pray for those that have not yet found life in Jesus; pray that their eyes are opened to who He really is.
  • Pray for blessing and steadfastness for Palestinian Mothers during this Mother's Day month!
  • Lift up our students who will be attending the annual student's retreat as well as visiting refugees in Jordan.
  • Pray for Ritaj, a little girl from Gaza who is overcoming cancer and receiving treatments in Jerusalem.