We've Got Your Trail Camera Strategies, Tips For Creating Mock Scrapes This Season and Gear To Get You Ready For The  Cooler Weather!
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The leaves are changing color and raining down in the forests around us. That special smell of earth and leaves is in the air. The sun feels like it's giving just the right light. No wonder October is many bow hunter's favorite month. There are cynics, no doubt about it. But October has a lot to offer us as hunters. Little deer hunting pressure, more enjoyable weather and views, and rapidly increasing deer movement are just a few of them. But in order to take advantage of a deer's movement patterns, you should use these trail camera strategies.
Create Mock Scrapes This Season for Better Intel and Hunting

If you've hunted deer for very long or just spend a lot of time in the woods, you've probably seen a few kinds of deer sign. Trails, rubs, beds, and scrapes are all important types of deer sign that hunters can use to pattern deer and make them more "hunt-able." But sometimes the deer sign you find isn't located in the best spot, which makes hunting over it really hard. In these cases, you could make mock scrapes yourself to alter deer movement patterns and bring them in closer to a strategic hunting location or trail camera site. If you haven't used this method before, you're in for a surprise. The first time you catch a buck pausing over one of your mock scrapes for a sniff, or better yet, working the scrape, you'll be addicted to this approach.
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