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October 2015 Monthly Newsletter
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  1. Small Group Definition Change On Track for 2016
  2. New Updates to
  3. Perfect Attendance! How to Handle Leaves of Absence under ACA
  4. SEAC December Workshop
New Law Revises ACA Definition of Small Employer But Leaves it Up To the States To Extend  

The recently passed and signed Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees Act ("the PACE Act") repeals the provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), that would expand the definition of a "small employer" from 1-50 employees to those with up to 100 employees effective January 1, 2016  and allows individual states to decide if they want to move forward with expanding their current definitions of a small employer. This has NOT been repealed in the California legislature. Therefore, unless the legislature convenes and takes action, the expansion of "small employer" to groups of up to 100 employees remains in effect.

Why the fuss over employer sizes? It all comes down to how rates are set in the insurance marketplace. Small group health plans have requirements that large group plans do not and this affects how insurance companies pool risk and therefore price plans.    
New Updates and Resources on 

Have you visited our website lately? With our clients in mind, we have added new content and resources to help you navigate the world of benefits. Visit our blog for the latest on IRS 6055/6056 reporting requirements and our Health Care Reform page for links to resources like the IRS's new employer information center for Applicable Large Employers just to name a few! You can even catch Laurie Rood's latest  video blog. These resources and more can be found under Stay Current.

Perfect Attendance! How to Handle Leaves of Absence under the ACA  

As we know, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires applicable large employers (ALEs) to offer full-time employees health coverage, or pay one of two employer shared responsibility penalties. Leaves of absence can make it difficult for an employer to determine if or how an employee counts toward the ALE threshold of 100 employees, as well as determining if an employee is considered full-time and must be offered coverage. Check out this excellent article to understand what counting methods are available, and how to treat issues like FMLA, jury duty and unpaid leaves.
Get Ready for 2016 with SEAC     
The Sacramento Employer Advisory Council will hold another expert-packed workshop at the Alumni Center at CSUS on Wednesday, December 9,
2015 entitled Cleaning House: Getting Policies and Practices Ready for 2016. This workshop will get you organized and ready for all 2016 will bring. Click here to register for the event, contact for more information and visit the SEAC website for more information.

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