As we head further into the year 2020, what are some areas you would like to see your team focus on to improve or achieve business goals? Perhaps streamlining tedious processes, exploring new technology, or automating manual processes are a few which may be on your "to-do" list.

In this month's article, Forbes highlights the new digital trends coming to the accounting and financial planning industry and how CFOs are coordinating these efforts. A popular topic among hiring managers is the importance of a smooth transition as it relates to the “on-boarding process” for newly hired employees. Entrepreneur shares 10 tips on how to improve your “on-boarding process” for new hires, from getting coffee to identifying goals.

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Chief financial officers are increasingly leading digital transformation efforts at their organizations. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation of manual processes, and data science have opened up new ways to service accounting and financial planning needs. Find out how how the most successful finance chiefs incorporate digital trends to become leaders in their industry.
Employee on-boarding: the most important task to set your new-hires up for success. When employees have a successful on-boarding experience, they'll feel like member's of your team and this can contribute to employee retention. Read about the 10 techniques you can start incorporating into your on-boarding process.
Accountability Resources Salary Guide 2020
Accountability Resources Salary Guide Scheduled Release Date - Feb 2020!

Our experienced Recruiting Team has dedicated time and effort to producing the most comprehensive salary guide, utilizing "real time" Austin, TX market data, specific to Accounting and Finance positions. Whether you are a hiring manager searching for top talent or a job seeker exploring new opportunities, our guide will be a great resource for you!

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