It's Spring Time!  
The first few months of the year have been busy and exciting with events, programs, and activities across our chapters and regions.   

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In This Edition:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • RLDC Region 4 Recap
  • Member Spotlights 
  • SHPE Updates
Regional and Local Impact
    Region 2: South Bay LA Chapter
Supporting Latinas in STEM

On November 18th, there was a “Ladies in STEM” Panel event where 3 professional females in the science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) fields shared their career path story.  

Region 5
Careers You May Have Never Thought an Engineer Could Do

If life were to give you lemons, would you make lemonade? Or would you make a lemon cake? Or would you squeeze the lemon for its juice and pour it over your fish fillet or elote? 

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Region 4:  Rensselaer Chapter
Building Connections through Outreach
Every spring semester, SHPE-Rensselaer invites high school students from NYC and Amsterdam, NY to campus for Outreach Weekend, a three-day event full of engineering challenges, workshops with professors, and team-building activities.

Region 6: IIT Chapter
Breaking the Barriers through SHPE

Over the course of the yearMr. Anthony Frontera, science department chair, has worked closely with SHPE-IIT to push students to breakout of their confront zone and see the possibilities through SHPE. 

The Mind of an Entrepreneur 
Part I: The Business of Business 

Rodrigo T. Garcia, PE, Owner, Century Diversified, Inc. and SHPE Founder

I was working for the City of Los Angeles in 1981 as a Senior Structural Engineering Associate when I decided I wanted to start my own business.  At that time I had been working for the City 15 years and had worked for the County of Los Angeles for 4 years.  

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Leadership Development - Region 4 
With over 25 companies, and 600 attendees, RLDC 4 kicked off with corporate tours and a welcome reception.

Offering robust programs with 5 different tracks (Advisor, Professional, Graduate, College, and Pre-College) and varied from panels, activities, guest speakers, open conversation, and much more.  

RLDC 4 also offered a career fair, networking reception for students and professionals, and a closing ceremony. The best part was being in the city that never sleeps and having new and existing Region 4 members experience the bonds that are created at a SHPE conference. 
Member Spotlight
Why Being a Professional Member Matters
Gabriel Grajeda
Board Member
SHPE DC Professional Chapter

To me, SHPE had always supported a sense of "Familia" and I wanted to maintain that feeling when I transitioned into the industry scene. The opportunity to be surrounded by individuals with the ability to not only model, but also lead diversity throughout the different areas of STEM was not something to miss. Coming from a background that did not have experience in STEM, I was able to connect with other Professionals in the organization and leverage their experience to shape my Professional development with the tools for a successful career path. At all levels, there is always a Professional in SHPE that can can share "una mano amiga".

Advancing our Professionals in STEM
How to Become a SHPE Professional Member Recruitment Machine
Francesca Escoto-Zavala 
Professional Chapter President
Tampa Bay

After NILA 2016, I had the privilege of running a series of Q & A with professional chapter leaders throughout the country to help them in the process of recruiting members in the computing disciplines into their chapter. 

Here are some of the insights we gathered from our sessions.

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SHPE National Updates
For the first time, SHPE joined SWE on Capitol Hill Day to advocate for Diversity in STEM. The program consisted of Advocacy Training, a Congressional Reception, and visits with Members of Congress and/or their staff. Read More.
New Industry Partnership Council Member

Calling Graduate Members

Here are just some of the reasons you should be a SHPE graduate student member and stay active in your local chapter!
  • Scholarships
  • Academic and professional development resources
  • Present your research
  • And much more!