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Each year, over 250 carefully selected articles and documents provide balanced coverage, supported by comprehensive background information, on the topics of vital interest to students and researchers in our fast-changing world.

2021's Reference Shelf Issues Include:
Policing in 2020 | Food Insecurity & Hunger in the United States
National Debate Topic 2021/22 | College Sports
Vaccinations | Representative American Speeches 2020/21
These Encyclopedias from H.W. Wilson
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Wilson's acclaimed Facts About the Presidents 
continues with its much-anticipated Ninth Edition. Written for both general readers and researchers, this volume will be one of the most widely consulted works in your reference collection. The new Ninth Edition of Facts About the Presidents delivers comprehensive data about every American president, from George Washington to Donald J. Trump, plus facts about the Executive Office itself.

This popular resource from H.W. Wilson chronicles the people, ideas, and events that have changed the way the world works. From innovators and entrepreneurs to the groundbreaking events, ideas, and technologies that have changed the rules of the game, American Game Changers includes nearly 500 entries designed to inform, enlighten and educate.

Nobel Prize Winners comprises the biographical profiles of all 201 winners from 2002 to 2018, arranged alphabetically. Each profile offers a narrative overview of the laureate's life and career, while focusing on his or her prizewinning work and its significance. Each laureate, even if part of a two or three person winning team, has been given a separate profile. 

Eleven times a year, Current Biography offers 16-18 biographical, up-to-date profiles of accomplished and rising stars of government, industry, entertainment and the arts from the U.S. and around the world.

H.W. Wilson's 
Current Biography Yearbook combines a full year of the monthly magazine Current Biography into a single, permanent record.

Sears List serves the unique needs of small and medium-sized libraries, suggesting headings appropriate for use in their catalogs and providing patterns and instructions for adding new headings as they are required.
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