Hello Jordies!

Build your business big with Monday Night Live and the Community Class this month.

Two opportunities to learn and build January even bigger!
New Year, New Goals and New Jordies!

January. Join Suzie Read, National Director of Field Development for Monday Night Live TONIGHT on January 10th at the new time of 7:30 pm Central Time.

ZOOM in to learn the Success Steps to Sponsoring and build your team in January.
Share the opportunity of Jordan Essentials to make a difference in someone’s life in

7:30 pm Central Time/8:30 pm ET/6:30 pm MT/5:30 pm Pacific

ZOOM LINK: https://bit.ly/JEMondayNightLive

Recording will be available in JEU on Tuesday.
Weekly Wow Exclusive!

Last Chance! Spice it up with this exclusive French-milled bar soap.

Pear Spice is a yummy fragrance. This bar creates an irresistibly rich, creamy lather too. Stock up and enjoy!
Face the New Year with Healthy Face Care!

Are you and your customers ready to learn about and experience natural, botanically based skincare for your face?

Learn from our expert - CEO and Founder Nancy Bogart in the January Community Class. Nancy shares her tips and why these products were specially formulated and chosen for Jordan Essentials.

The Community Class is FREE! Invite your customers, friends and family to purchase this sample collection and join Nancy LIVE on January 27th at 7:30 pm CT on the Jordan Essentials Facebook page.

Experience how JE face care can make a difference!

Go Green and Be a Clover!

January is a fresh start and the first month to join the Clover Club! Earn Green By 15 (500 PV on or before the 15th) and receive the next month's Joyful Jordan Box FREE and EARLY and be on your way to receiving recognition at Jordanvention in July!
Party for Feeding America!

Every party makes a difference in January! Ten meals are donated to Feeding America with each qualified party closed in January. YOU can make a difference by gathering your friends and family, virtually or in person, share healthy skincare products and put a meal on someone's table.
Spring Ahead with the Presell Collection!

Get a jump on spring with the Presell Collection. Order this fully-commissionable collection of our favorite new items and receive a FREE product (two FREE products in the Deluxe box) and be ready to start sharing with the launch of the new catalog on February 4th.

Watch the Spring Launch LIVE in the Consultant Community with CEO & Founder Nancy Bogart. She will share all the healthy goodness in the new catalog.
Joyful Jordan Box Price Adjustment

Price changes will go into effect on February 4th.

Single JJ box
The single box purchase of February Joyful Jordan Boxes ordered directly or paid by subscription from February 1 -3rd will be $25. Feb 4 new price same box $29.

Subscriptions for the Joyful Jordan box processed Feb 1- 3 will be $25.

Subscriptions processed on February 4- 28, will be at the new price of $29 with a bonus $5 gift certificate as a special February gift for subscribers.