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cookingA Few Seats Left:
Superfoods 101 Nutrition & Cooking Class
chef lisa
with Lisa Neilsen, Health Coach & Certified Natural
Foods Chef
Register by January 6th & Receive a FREE copy of Clean Plates 2011!

In this hands-on, fun, informative and interactive class, you'll spend the day receiving
highly personalized instruction from five cooking instructors working in small groups.  Together, we will cook and enjoy simple recipes featuring a variety of superfoods.  A delicious group meal will take place at the end of class.

Email Lisa for more information

Saturday, January 15th

11:30am - 5:30pm
The Institute for Culinary Education
50 West 23rd Street   
New York, NY 10011

$ 250.00

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The average person gains 7 to 10 pounds during the holidays.  Don't let that be you.  Let Ronney, Joshua, & Lisa's tips help keep you in check this holiday season. 

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Happy Holidays!

Ronney Ascher Personal Trainer

warmupDress For Success & Plan Ahead 

(1) To make sure that you don't over do it at holiday parties this season, make sure you wear a form fitting outfit.  It's a great reminder of the hard work you are doing and to not bulk up.


(2) Don't wait until January 1 to start your new commitment to health.

 It's a sure fire way to fail.

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Joshua Margolis, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

selfimage8 Ways to Reverse 8 Pounds


At the party try using your mouth for socializing rather than just eating, you'll cut down on your food intake.


If you are hosting, offer some healthy alternatives. People still do eat salad.


Exercise At Home. A Mind Over Matter staple: It's convenient, comfortable, and efficient.


One gram of alcohol contains 7 calories.


Schedule your workouts in advance. Treat them as if they were any other appointment.

Limit your food intake. Once you fill up your plate, move as far away from the table as possible.


Take a walk! It's beautiful outside during the holidays! Go down the street or around the block. A 165 lb. woman walking for 30 minutes will burn approximately 187 calories.


Just because you are off the next day doesn't mean you have to get 'sauced.'

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whywaterNutritious, Versatile, Inexpensive Foods for The Holidays 

lisa neilsen
Lisa Neilsen, Health Coach

It's a myth that healthy food is expensive.  Here is a list of 11 super nutritious foods that will nourish your body and won't break you bank account.  Enjoy!!

1. Dried lentils: A bag of lentils costs less than two dollars, is an excellent source of fiber and vegetable protein and can be used to stretch out stews, vegetables, etc. Also great as a soup or side dish.

2. Brown rice: Excellent source of fiber, whole grain, and loaded with nutrition. Also can be used to make up for using less meat, in side dishes, soups, etc.

3. Canned salmon: Excellent source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, protein, and calcium. Easily stored in the pantry and used as a dip, in casseroles, or as patties.

4. Oats: Excellent source of soluble fiber.

5. Eggs: Great source of protein, can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Very portable when hard-boiled.

6. more

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