March 29, 2021
A Message from the Principal
      Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!
      Blessed is the kingdom of our father David that is to come!
   Hosanna in the highest!” Phil 2: 8-9

In the Roman Catholic Church, Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week- the most solemn week in the church year. Holy Week is the last week of Lent, when we follow Jesus from Palm Sunday, the Sunday of the Passion, to his Last Supper, to his death on Good Friday in preparation for his rising from the dead on Easter Sunday. 

Our school will be closed on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday, April 2, 3 and 5. Please find some time to reflect on Jesus's passion and death and celebrate his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.
Why did you choose All Saints?
Did you know that 95% of our students are referred to us by word of mouth?

That's you, telling your friends at the gym, your colleagues, your neighbors, your fellow parishioners at church, that you choose All Saints, and how happy you are with your choice.

Enrollment is open for next year, and we'd love it if you could tell a friend, or submit a review on our Facebook page or send an email to about why you choose All Saints for your child.

Good news travels fast--and we have lots of good news to share! If you have questions, please contact our admissions director, Mrs. Denise Vuoso at or call the school office. Thanks for helping us spread the good news!
Spring Spectacular Finale- Friday April 16
Join us LIVE--from your couch for this FUN Zoom event!

Gather the whole family together for the big finale of our online auction! It'll be a fun-filled hour of contests, bidding, prizes and surprises!

See Kid's Contests below! If 50 families participate Mr. Fielding will do something crazy--stay tuned to find out what! If 100 families participate, it will really get crazy!
Cash Raffle-Win $5,000
Click here to purchase your cash raffle tickets today! Share the link with family and friends to let them in on the fun.

Tickets: $25 each Drawing: Saturday, April 17, 2021 @ 1pm
Limited to 2000 tickets
1st prize is $5000;
2nd Prize is $2000 and
3rd Prize is $1000.

Check in on Technology with your Children
Just a reminder: Parents need to be vigilant and monitor their child's social media and Google Docs accounts. This includes: FaceBook, Snap Chat, Instagram, Tik Toc and any other social media platforms, plus any group chats for gaming and all email exchanges. It is a good idea to have all of your child's phone messages and/or texts forwarded to your phone for monitoring. Check daily! Technology is moving quickly; not all students are mature enough to handle it. Please click here for the All Saints and Diocesan Acceptable Use Policies. Please sit down and together review these documents with your children.
Third Marking Period
The third marking period will be ending on Friday, April 9. Please be sure that you are current with your tuition, that your extended day program balance is paid in full, and that you have satisfied your commitment in the two mandatory Home School Association fundraisers this year.
Uniform Updates and Reminders
Students may begin to wear the Optional Summer Uniform on April 6.

Students may begin to wear gym shorts for PE class on April 6.

Please note:

Beginning April 6, the students will need to revert back to wearing their All Saints sweaters or All Saints fleeces to school every day if they have them and feel chilly during the school day. Students in grade 8 may wear their All Saints graduation sweatshirt.

We understand that due to the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and the inability to use lockers, the students needed to carry their belongings with them during the course of the day and still do. It was easier to purchase an oversize heavy sweatshirt to wear as a winter coat to eliminate one more thing to carry. Going forward, only the school fleece or school sweater are allowed to be worn in school. Please comply.
Water Bottles
Please remember to pack your child an extra water bottle, especially as the weather gets warmer. We have had many children coming to the office looking for water bottles recently and unfortunately due to our COVID restrictions, the water fountains are still not in use. Thank you.
After School Sports Registration
Due to an unforeseen website delay, the link for the next session will be live on Tuesday 3/30. Check back tomorrow! Click here to register.
Summer Camp at ASCS
Wishing you all of Easter’s joys and blessings,

Mrs. Linda Dunn