February Edition
The Mothers' Club of Grosse Pointe South

A Parent Organization enhancing the South student body by supporting student scholarships, teacher enrichment and preservation programs.

General Membership Meetings
begin at 7:00 PM
September 9, 2020
October 14, 2020
November 11, 2020
January 13, 2021
February 10, 2021
March 10, 2021
April 14, 2021
May 12, 2021
Check our website, Facebook or Twitter page for location or Zoom link.
General Membership meetings are open to all.
Mothers' Club Monthly Highlights

Scholarship Update: Class of 2021! Scholarship applications are now available on the Mothers' Club website or in the counseling office. Completed applications are due February 23, 2021 by the end of the school day. Have questions, please contact Amy VanOsdol at scholarship@mothersclubgps.org.

Enrichment Update: Attention Teachers: Enrichment applications are due by Monday, February 22nd for the Winter Cycle. Decisions should be made early to mid March. Have questions, please reach out to Karen Houting at enrichment@mothersclubgps.org.
Important Dates
February 2nd - Report Cards Available Online
February 5th - Unity Day! Wear your Unity Shirts
February 8th - Junior Winter Spirit Day *
February 9th - Sophomore Winter Spirit Day *
February 11th - Freshman Winter Spirit Day *
February 12th - Senior Winter Spirit Day *
February 15th - 19th - Mid Winter Break (return to school 2/22)

*Don't forget to wear your class spirit wear!!
Important Reminders
Dear South Senior Families,
for all the information on Senior Ads and how to purchase a yearbook if you have NOT already done so.  Questions please contact John Cilluffo -GPS Yearbook Adviser at
(313) 432-3615


Attention South Underclassmen Families,
Due to the low number of students submitting their own photos for the yearbook, we have decided to use last year's ID pictures for students that did not take and submit one for the 2020-2021 yearbook.

If you would rather we do not use your student's picture from last year and not have them pictured in the 2020-2021 book, please send an email stating this to gpsouthyearboook@gmail.com

Senior Parking Reminders:
• All automobiles parked in GP South's S-Lot must be registered with the school and a current parking permit decal must be displayed. Decal's are non-transferable and must be fully affixed to the assigned vehicle identified on the parking application.

• The assigned parking permit decal must be affixed to the lower left corner of the front windshield (driver's side). Decals not fastened directly onto the windshield are invalid, will be confiscated and parking privileges will be revoked. Decals may not be moved from one car to another car or shared. Should the applicant obtain a new vehicle, the application must be updated and a new decal purchased for $5.

• Temporary permits are available in the Main Office for instances where a different vehicle must be temporarily driven by the student. PLEASE SEE MRS. BEACH IN THE COUNSELING CENTER for a temporary permit. Failure to obtain a Temporary
permit may result in forfeiture of the assigned parking space.

• Students must park in their assigned space (your parking space number is on the decal) within painted lines only. If an automobile is parked in an unauthorized space, a ticket will be issued and may result in the loss of parking privileges. If someone is parked in your designated spot please see Mrs. Beach in the Counseling Center that same day.

• Students park their cars on school grounds at their own risk. The school will not be responsible for vandalism, damage or theft.

• Students MUST follow the directions of the Parking Lot Attendant. Failure to follow directions may result in suspension or loss of parking privileges.

Senior All-Night Party

Attention Senior Parents!

Hopefully the start of a hybrid schedule has brought some normalcy back to our seniors. This is not the senior year we were expecting for our kids, but we hope in the coming months it will only get better!

At this time, we are still planning to host the Senior All-Night Party on June 9 after graduation. Committee members are working hard to host a night they will never forget!

As the planning gets under way, there are some immediate action items we need your help with:

  • TICKETS: Tickets are available to purchase for $70 in the GPS Webstore or through Venmo @GPSANP21, last four digits of cell for Venmo are 5081. Deadline is March 1. After March 1, ticket prices will increase to $80. Tickets will be refundable.

  • PICTURES: We need baby pictures! Send a baby picture with a corresponding senior photo to GPS2021anp@gmail.com. Please include your name and number in case we need to reach you. Any questions can be directed to Robin Hartnett at (313) 378-7738.

  • QUESTIONS: Can be directed to ANP co-chairs Tanya Rulison, tanyarulison@gmail.com & Tracy Skupien, tracy.skupien@tompkinsproducts.com

Be on the look-out for continued communications, including volunteer and sponsorship opportunities, in the coming months! 
School District Calendar Highlights
2020 - 2021 Grosse Pointe South Calendar
February 2021 Counselors' Corner

Welcome to semester two! In our house a “half-way there” reference would immediately launch into some quality renditions of Jon Bon Jovi’s 1980s masterpiece, though I am sure there must be a more refined allusion (or at least more modern) that your student can offer. It’s probably a TikTok. In any case, the new start means that we begin again with a fresh start in grades, attendance and classes. Hooray!

Mental Health Still Matters:

One silver lining of the pandemic is the emphasis that the whole world has recognized the impact of mental health and wellness for good physical health and academic success. Our Wellness Wednesdays posted on Schoology in the past month have included Empathy vs. Sympathy, intro to different Anxiety disorders,  ResilienceNo Stigma Mental Health, and Goal Setting.

Our partners at The Family Center are embarking on a neat project with our South Mental Health Coalition students to take over instagram for the day March 3. The topic will be Everything you ever wanted to know about seeing a therapist but were afraid to ask! With the mission of normalizing taking care of our mental health just like our physical health senior student Megan R. will be asking counselor Nick Bernbeck about what it's like to see an outside counselor.  Be sure to check out the rest of Family Center programs at the Resiliency Hub on their website.

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Parents:

Scheduling This year we kicked off a paperless course selection process for 2021-22 with our Course Recommendation Day on February 3.  The big news is that we are totally digital this year so if your student has not already shared their course selection document via email please ask them to do so. The course selections are due February 10 and can simply be submitted online in the student’s schoology class. 

We want students to challenge themselves in their studies, but not overextend their academic commitments such that their lives are out of balance resulting in added stress and anxiety.  Families should dedicate some time together for thoughtful discussion about the commitment the student is making in selecting these courses within the context of their other commitments to family, friends, faith, sports and activities.  Our students are amazing and want to do EVERYTHING! It is our role as parents and educators to support them in building balance, making some hard choices about what is a wise selection and what is better to let pass. Families know their students best and need to play an active role.
On Course Recommendation day, all teachers spent time in each class discussing individually with students their recommendation for future classes.  Each core academic class has a Course Expectation Planning Guide outlining the average time and activity commitment required for success in the course.  This will also help students and families in course selection decisions.  In the case of electives, teachers will discuss other electives available to students. When we return from Mid-Winter Break we will be meeting with students in their English classes to review course selections for next year, input them on the computer, and complete the annual Educational Development Plan (EDP) review. If you have any lingering questions or concerns about course content and requirements, the Program of Studies is available on the school system website.  We will be sending out a reminder towards the end of the school year of the classes that your student has selected.  At this time, if there are any changes you will be welcome to make modifications.  Things to consider include the overall workload of the student, post high school plans, extracurricular demands and possible summer school classes that may replace grades in previous courses.  As always, it is all about balance.

We will also be completing the EDP at this time. The EDP uses the Naviance program to help students define their interests and match them to careers that best fit their skills and interests.  It also takes the next steps to link students to college matches and even has a scholarship search engine. You can access this program from home by logging in directly from South’s homepage or https://student.naviance.com/gpshs You can use your Parent Portal Password to sign in the first time.

Senior Parents:

While the majority of seniors have applied for college for next fall, some have waited for the first semester senior year grades to be available before applying.  Please encourage your senior to see their counselor immediately to discuss either their college application plans or employment, military service, travel or technical school plans.  In addition, any senior who wishes to have their first semester of senior year grades sent to a college can request midyear grades to send online

If you haven’t already, now is the time to complete the FAFSA for next year’s college freshmen. Also, look to see if the prospective college or university requires the CSS/Financial Aid Profile

Junior Parents:  

Another reminder to make that Junior meeting for an uninterrupted hour of personalized college counseling with your student’s counselor.  This is critical to understand the college application process at South as well as getting tips on research. Call the counseling center to make your appointment 432-3519 and let them know it is for the college meeting so we set a full hour.

Standardized tests are already a murky subject for next fall.  Many top colleges have already decided that they will be test optional for at least an additional year. That said, it is not a bad idea for each junior who intends to apply for college admission to register for and take an additional ACT and/or SAT test beyond what they will take with us in April. Students can register online at www.act.org  for the ACT and www.collegeboard.org for the SAT.  Please encourage your student to pay attention to deadlines and not to put off registering until the last moment.  Test center availability at nearby locations may be at a premium, especially for the April, May, and June tests. 

Test Prep: We get the question so often about ways to prepare for the standardized tests.  I want to point out a few of the free and convenient tools that we have available. For the SAT the easiest and most helpful online program is the free Khan Academy. Students can link their PSAT results and get a free customized test prep program. The Michigan Electronic Library (MEL) is a state resource available through our school library web page that offers free test prep. Mr. Spencer kindly created a video addressing how to access it at: http://youtu.be/pM9KUDzEkFw

Also Shmoop, accessible through our library web page, has great online tutoring options.  Our “magic word” when you sign up is “COLOSSAL” This is a free service thanks to the library and the Mother’s Club.  We can also offer suggestions for private tutors or tutoring programs upon request.  
Class of 2021 - Seniors
Roaring 2021

Instagram: GPSouth2021

Class Advisor: Kendra Caralis
Class of 2022 - Juniors
Journey Juniors

Instagram: GPSouth.22

Class Advisor: Meg Pierce

Junior spirit day is Monday February 8th! 

Students should plan to wear their spirit
day shirt or dress in theme!
Class of 2023 - Sophomores
Circus Sophomores

Instagram: GPSouth.2023

Class Advisor: Katie Parent
Class of 2024 - Freshman
Florida Freshman

Instagram: GPSouth2024

Class Advisor: Shannon Sugamele
Band & Orchestra Update

Chamber Orchestra submitted a recording of the Chaconne from Partita No. 2 by Johann Sebastian Bach for MSBOA along with Solo's by the students over the weekend. Good luck!

GPSB&O Boosters are working hard to prepare for Pops & Pastries this May. More details will be posted on the website and Facebook page as a date and plans are finalized.
Spirit Week Happenings . . . . .
Final thoughts . . . . .
The Mothers' Club is dedicated to continuing to enhance and support the students and teachers at South. Alumni, parents, grand parents and guardians are all welcome to lend their support by joining the Mothers' Club.

If you have all ready joined, thank you!

If you are still considering joining, please help us make this school year memorable, uphold as many traditions as possible, and find new ways to support our students and teachers.

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