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The flowers are blooming and spring is finally here! We all have a little more pep in our step. I hope you found the new newsletter format I launched last month encouraging too. I am still making a few tweaks.

I will continue to share a "God Moving" story, a song I'm loving, and a journaling tip, as well as special offers, events and monthly giveaways that will always include a free journal and a fun item I think you will like.

The first giveaway is at the end of this email, so don't miss it!

Years ago, when I lived in Florida, our church’s children’s director Catherine said, “We are so short of volunteers that unfortunately we are considering closing the children’s church program.” I was devastated!

Children’s church meant I got to snuggle our infant with my husband's arm around me, pay attention, and actually connect with God while my VERY energetic three-year-old son got to go to his class and have a Bible lesson.

That time in church each week helped me keep my sanity as a busy mom. My oldest son never sat still (as you can see from this throwback picture). He had enough energy that if I could have bottled and sold it, we would be millionaires!

I immediately said to Catherine, “Please don’t do anything yet. Let me go home and pray about this and I will get back to you in a week.” She agreed.

As I prayed, the Holy Spirit put it on my heart to ask some of the other mothers to volunteer.

During church the next week, I fervently prayed again that God would provide volunteers. After the service I walked up to the mom who had been sitting in the pew in front of me. I saw her when I dropped my son off that morning.

I shared the situation about the program possibly closing and asked if she would be able to help out. She said yes instantly.

This was unplanned, but at the last second I added, “Do you know any other moms who might be able to help too?” She led me over to her friend and I shared the situation and asked if she would help. She also said yes.

Seeing how well it worked the first time, I asked this mom, “Do you know any other moms who would be able to help out too?” She led me over to her friend.

This pattern continued repeatedly as I talked with these woman who were either acquaintances or I did not know them at all. Within 15 minutes I had the names and contact information of at least seven women. I even had enough volunteers that we could rotate, which meant we only had to teach every few months.

Coincidence or God Moving? You decide.

For those who might say coincidence, I am guessing you have never had the pleasure of trying to line up children’s ministry volunteers. I still can't believe that not one woman said no!

I contacted the leader and told her the good news. I offered to administer the program and together we set up a meeting where the moms signed up for Sundays to teach. At that gathering we shared the basic curriculum, the class format, and the director took care of background checks and other required training.

God knew my gifting was not to work directly with kids, but He knew I was not afraid to ask people to help or afraid to hear the word no.

Journaling Prompt: Has fear of rejection ever been an obstacle for you? In what situations? Do you see any patterns? What is the worst that could happen? Write about that on the blank pages between your circles.

How has God stepped up to provide just the right people at the right time when you needed help in a situation? Write it in the God Moving Circle. Share it with your small group or Bible study. Your story will encourage others.

Liz’s Lesson Learned: God provides when we pray and make ourselves available, especially in challenging situations. 

I love hearing your God Moving stories that show God's guidance, provision, and care. If you have any stories, please hit reply and share them. I might even place it in a future newsletter (with your permission of course). If I choose your story, you get a free journal!

I just discovered this song. It's called "God You Are" by We Are Messengers. These lyrics were my favorite.

"It's in the empty tomb. It's on the rugged cross. Your death defying love. Is written in your scars. You'll never quit on me. You'll always hold my heart. Cause that's the kind of God you are."

To hear it click the "Free Resources" page and scroll down till you see the yellow "Songs I'm Loving" graphic. I plan to keep adding my latest favorites to the page, so you can hear them easily.

Who said you have to do your quiet time reading and journaling the same day? At times, I find it best to dig into the Word and mark it and my Bible study or devotional book up by underlining things that resonate and making notes and bullet prayers in the margins.

Then within the next day or two, while it's still fresh, I like to journal. I take 10-15 minutes to put key things in bullet points in the corresponding prayer circles in my Spiritual Circle Journal. I add to it what God put on my heart since that quiet time, and then connect the dots of what God is teaching and doing in my life.

Dividing and conquering is perfect for those days when you can't fit both things in, but you still want the the clarity and connection the spiritual practice of journaling provides.

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Grab a journal for those graduates in your life. There is nothing like helping someone at this critical age learn how to connect deeply with God and learn to notice His daily guidance. They will thank you years down the road.


I have decided to gift one journal and one fun item each month. The lucky winner this month will get this awesome book that makes a great Mother's Day gift. In "Enjoy Every Minute and Other Ridiculous Things we Say to Moms," author Becky Baudouin tackles many common mom myths with humor, candor, and stories that will encourage moms on their journey of motherhood.

To enter:

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Picking giveaway items for each month has been a blast! I can't wait to share the May treat with you.


Don't forget to share your "God Moving" stories with me.

Please consider encouraging leaders to use the journal with their summer study. People tend to slow down a bit during the summer, so it's the perfect opportunity to try this fun practice along with your study. It makes the discussion time richer. Thanks for your ongoing prayers and support!

It has been fun putting this together for you. I am so glad you joined me!

Many Blessings,

Liz Lassa

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