September 2018
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The Stuff of Stars

Recently, we enjoyed a meteor shower at the Christine Center. Far from the city lights, this is a lovely place to view stars on clear nights. As I was watching the meteors, I couldn’t help but be awestruck by the night sky. I was going to say “the beauty of the night sky,” but it was much more than that. It was the feeling of connection they inspired.
As I looked across the expanse of space, receiving the photons that had emerged from their source millions, even billions, of years ago and were reaching me only now, I felt home. The atoms that form my body were born when stars like these separated light and heavy elements in a cosmic cauldron of extreme pressure and heat. The stars aged, caved in, and then erupted, flinging carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and all the basic ingredients of life across the galaxy. Those ingredients formed new stars and planets and, eventually, you and me. So there I stood, the stuff of stars contemplating the stars.
There are times, I admit, when this contemplation makes me feel small and insignificant—which is actually more liberating than it might sound. It allows me certain insights, too. It inspires me, for instance, to be more present within this universe, more mindful, and more engaged with that which brings meaning, beauty, and joy to my flicker of time. 
That night in the meteor shower, I felt the power of being one with all. I thought of Jesus saying “the kingdom of God is within you.” Our atoms came from those stars, so while we are within the universe, the universe is within us. 
It feels to me that there’s a basic bond among us, us and the divine, us and the all. I hope you’ll feel that oneness, as I do, here at the Christine Center.

Russell King, executive director
September Programs

Visit our  retreat calendar web page  for more program offerings and descriptions. Visit the  reservation  page for information or call 715.267.7507. 
We are here to serve you...
The Christine Center's Mission:
Offering contemplative support,
Yoga Nidra: A Day of Deep Relaxation
September 4 – 5 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
With Tracy Chipman, MA, CYT, AYS
Tuition: $95, plus meals and  lodging  

Enjoy 24 hours of Restoration and Rejuvenation through the easiest yoga practice of all – simple, deep, natural rest! The Christine Center welcomes you to a monthly day designated for health, well-being, and ease. Each month, one of our featured instructors will offer a mid-week Yoga Nidra based program  designed to help you experience quiet clarity and calm from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  Join us as we take a 24 hour “time out” from our busy lives to unwind one serene breath at a time. You may even  choose  to extend your stay and  create  your own customized personal retreat. Our woodland sanctuary awaits you!

Yoga Nidra, also known as  ‘Yogic Sleep’  is an ancient practice that offers very deep rest. It is a systematic method, creating an experience of restful alertness allowing the physiology, the neurology and subconscious mind to sink into a deep wellspring of relaxation and rest. Please join Tracy in the sanctuary of the Christine Center for this delicious gift given to and received by your sweet self. Learn More
...To person's of ALL spiritual paths,
Autumn’s Wisdom: A Restorative Yoga Retreat with Rev. Shannon Michael Pater, PsyD. E-RYT 500
September 12 – 14 (Wednesday-Friday)
Tuition: $ 150, plus meals and lodging

The Vernal Equinox is one of the two brief moments of balance between the day and the night; it serves as the portal to autumn, a season of depth, release and restoration. Even the red, orange and yellow colors of the leaves reflect the grounding of the root and lower chakras. The wisdom of the trees can guide us in letting go and composting the soil of our soul.

In this retreat, participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Explore the gifts of Autumn and the grounding of the Yamas in facilitated conversations;
  • Use the generous landscape, intuitive painting studio, labyrinth and spiritual practices of the Christine Center;
  • Integrate insights, questions and awakenings through a daily trauma-informed restorative yoga practice;
  • Set a sankalpa (sacred intention) for the upcoming season at the end of the retreat.

...In a natural woodland sanctuary.
Cultivating Mindfulness One Breath at a Time
September 13 – 14 (Thursday-Friday)
With Barbara Wulf, B.S  
Tuition $95, plus meals and lodging
Mindfulness can shift our experience, expand our awareness, and open us up to new approaches to life. In this workshop, learn techniques for bringing awareness and balance into your life while cultivating a sense of overall calm. Sessions include Sitting Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, Gentle Mindful Movement, Walking Meditation (outside), and Mindful Rest Yoga, a form of deep, restful yogic sleep.

There will be group dialogue and time to commune with nature in the peaceful setting of the Christine Center grounds.  Learn More  
The Christine Center's Vision:
Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation.
Change, Chaos and Contentment
September 17 – 19 (Monday-Wednesday)
With Lama Yeshe
Tuition: $125, plus meals and lodging

The Buddha often talked about impermanence, that everything is constantly changing. We know the good times don’t last and our bodies don’t either. However the bad times also don’t last and because of impermanence we can grow and change. Appreciation and gratitude, love and compassion, and wisdom help us develop contentment in spite of the chaos. This program will explore the ideas and methods found in Buddhism that will lead to experiencing more satisfaction and contentment in life. It will include talks, discussion, sitting, walking and guided meditation plus meditation instruction. Hearing about contentment is good. Experiencing it through hearing, contemplation and meditation is better. There will be an opportunity to have an optional private audience with Lama Yeshe.  Learn More  
Christine Center's Values:
Rooted in the Franciscan tradition,
Exploring Dreams with Jungian Analyst, S. Marge Zulaski, OSF
September 17 – 19 (Monday-Wednesday)
Tuition: Early Bird Rate! $150 until September 10th or $200 after the 10th, plus lodging and meals

Join Marge for an experiential practice of exploring dreams with a Jungian emphasis on learning from the symbols and images of your dreams. To prepare for these days write down all you can remember about a dream and bring a few dreams with you. Together, we will engage with dreams to access inner guidance and to become conscious of where life energy is blocked and where life energy wants to go. We will begin with exercises for remembering and recording your dreams. Register Here
...our values are contemplation, hospitality, compassion, simplicity,
St Hildegard Lives! A Festival of 21st Century Greening Inspiration
September 21 – 23 (Friday-Sunday)
With S. Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, PhD and Hilde-friends
Tuition: $250, plus meals and lodging. Early bird rate $200 through August 30th.

Come! Taste spices, sample spelt, hear music, see beauty, know God, sing! We’ll do all these Hilde-things! Let St. Hildegard challenge your soul to find its greening expression and allow her profound insights to fortify your own soul-path. Discover fresh, exhilarating ways in which the vibrant light of the 12th century St. Hildegard can nourish and sustain a 21st century mystic clarity. With select guests, S. Gabriele will explore the creative zest that continues to animate teachers and healers, herbalists and spice-sellers, artists and writers. They share their stories and creations to inspire our own spiritual experience and personal Hildegard-greening! Register Here
...transformation and care for our Earth community.
Aging into Higher Consciousness
September 25 – 27 (Tuesday-Thursday)
With Delmarie Gibney, FSPA and Lucia Leck, M.Ed.
Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging

Join us in exploring aging as nature’s way of luring us deep into the discovery of who we are, bringing us to the pinnacle of our personal and spiritual development. Hosted close to the time of the spring and fall equinoxes, when life is either budding forth or being harvested, we focus on our own aging process. We look back at who we have been or forward to who we are becoming. Learn More
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