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March 15, 2020
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Kendall County Dem Party:
Call Your Senators!

Insist on Action on the House’s Coronavirus Response Act

On Friday, Speaker Pelosi passed H.R.6201 (the Families First Coronavirus Response Act), which will make coronavirus testing free, along with implementing paid emergency medical leave, extending unemployment insurance, providing food assistance, and protecting healthcare workers—all absolutely essential responses during a pandemic.
But as the bill poised to pass with broad Republican support, Senator Mitch McConnell sent the Senate off for a three-day weekend. They won't consider the bill until they return on Monday. (FYI--our very own Rep. Chip Roy voted "no" on the bill, calling it "welfare.") 

We’ve got news for you, Senator—the time to act is NOW. The virus is spreading, and the longer you dither, the worse it will get.

We need you to call your two senators NOW (and post to their social media accounts) and tell them to PASS H.R. 6201. Here’s a suggested script (but we encourage you to change it to suit your needs and point of view):

"Hello, my name is Laura Bray and I live in Boerne, TX, zip code 78006. I insist that Sen. Cruz/Sen. Cornyn take immediate action on HB 6201 when it reaches the Senate. The time to act is NOW, not a week or twelve days from now. The coronavirus is spreading, and the longer you dither, the worse it will get. Thank you."

Find the blue “Act Now!” button at the right for phone numbers and social media accounts. We encourage you to call both their local offices and the DC switchboard. (Please keep trying if you get busy signals or a “voicemail is full” message.)

Notes from the Chair:

Covid - 19

Effect on the County Convention and future meetings plus some thoughts on Trump and Governor Abbott
With the US declaring a national state of emergency and the Texas disaster declaration, we want you to know that the KCDP is following events and implementing strategies for our upcoming meetings and office operations. First and foremost, your safety is our number one priority. If you do not feel safe, please do not attend an event or meeting. We have developed a plan to conduct our March 21, County Convention in a modified fashion to limit group contact. Below are the details of how we will do the convention. In an abundance of caution, we are asking that only essential people (who choose to) attend a very abbreviated convention. This would include Precinct Chairs, officers and anyone who desires to be an elected delegate to the Texas Democratic Party State Convention. There will also be a procedure for anyone who cannot or is unable to attend to apply to be a delegate as described below. This is in keeping with recommendations from the Texas Democratic Party. Currently there is no County heath alert requirement to cancel. Should that change prior to next Saturday we will have to modify the plan and will advise accordingly. 

 Here is the Kendall County Website  link discussing the Kendall County Covid - 19 plan: Please review it and check for changes over time.

As we all journey through these uncharted waters together, the KCDP want you to know that we are taking the current circumstances relating to the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. At some point there may be a role for us to step up to help our community by providing meals or other activities to support folks who cannot do for themselves.

I remain shocked at the lack of leadership from POTUS. His national address was both sad and embarrassing and to read that his staff has to prepare him for the bad news that the numbers of infected people will be going up is shocking. A true leader would want all the correct information in a timely fashion and would be leading his staff not the other way around. With his National Emergency declaration Friday, he did give a somewhat improved performance. Let’s hope he is finally letting the experts do their job. Governor Abbott’s Friday address and news conference was far better than what we have seen from the Whitehouse. While I don’t very often agree with Abbott, I do think he is demonstrating leadership in these uncertain times. We will get through this and return to normal but we need to not panic and over react as we learn the extent of illness and how to cope with it.

In closing, I am asking everyone to click the "Call Now" link above for the app that makes calling easy, please give it try. If 100 or more people would call in situations like this, we could truly have an impact. So, please give it a try. 
  Kevin Henning
Kendall County Democratic Party Chair
Major Change of Plans for County Convention

Saturday, March 21, 1:00-4:00 pm, Kronkosky Place

As per Kevin’s “Notes from the Chair,” we will conduct a modified County Convention this Saturday.
We ask that only Precinct Chairs, Party officers, and those interested in attending the State Convention (June 4-6, San Antonio) plan to attend on Saturday (if they choose). Please click the link above to register. If you cannot attend, please still register with the above link so you can indicate that you want to be a delegate to the State Convention. Or send an email to Laura Bray to indicate your interest. We will ask everyone who wishes to attend the State Convention to complete a short questionnaire for the benefit of the Nominating Committee.
The short, smaller convention will then elect a Nominating Committee that will choose our 11 delegates. The convention will then adjourn.
This modification is in keeping with recommendations from the Texas Democratic Party. Currently, there is no Kendall County guidance about cancelling events. Should that change in the interim, we will let you know.
At the State Convention, our Senate District 25 delegation—which comprises the area that Sen. Donna Campbell represents, including Kendall and parts of Bexar, Travis, and other counties—will elect Biden/Sanders delegates to attend the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee in July, where the Democratic Presidential candidate will be nominated.
As always, call/email with questions.

D eputy Chair, KCDP (210-884-6843)

Postcard Writing Party

Monday, March 16 * 11am-1pm
Postcard writing parties are a wonderful way to enjoy great conversations while helping to elect more Democrats in 2020! Each Postcard writing party will have postcards with stamps and some writing materials provided. Please bring markers, colored pencils, and pens. We will focus our mailing on likely Democrats in Kendall County that have a low propensity to vote. We will exhort them (using the above “Democrats who Stay Home” stickers) to make sure and vote in November and telling them where they can go/who they can call to get more information.
We hope you can join us. And bring a friend!  

National Census Day
April 1

Time is almost upon us, and you are legally obligated to participate in it. But if you don’t want to do it over the phone, through the mail, or wait for the census takers to show up on your doorstep, we have good news for you.
The census is now online — or at least there’s an online option. 
Right around now, you should get something in the mail with a 12-digit census ID. That letter will instruct you to go to  www.my2020census.gov , click “start questionnaire,” enter your census ID, and then answer all the questions about your name, address, who lives in your household, etc. And no,  you will not be asked  about your citizenship status. You can also respond to your census letter by mail or phone.

Wendy Davis

Due to the Coronavirus many of our Candidates are having to cancel fundraising events. The event for Wendy Davis on March 28th in Spring Branch/Bulverde was just cancelled. As you know, we are faced with a major health crisis in this country. One made worse by the decisions of this president and his Republican cohorts like Wendy’s opponent, Congressman Chip Roy. 

For those who have already donated to Wendy, thank you. It is important to be mindful of the significant impact the cancellation of this event and others will have on Wendy’s campaign. While recognizing the severity of this pandemic, we must not forget that we are facing the most important election of our lifetime. Indeed, it is in moments such as this one that we are reminded of why we need a change in Washington. 

Through hard work and determination, Wendy and her team have put themselves in a position to win this race. They have out-raised her opponent, Chip Roy, every step of the way, and in doing so, closed the cash-on-hand advantage he had at the outset of the race. Their hard work was rewarded when Wendy was included on the DCCC’s “Red-to-Blue” list earlier this year. She was 1 of only 12 candidates across the country to make the list. 

On primary election day, Wendy received 86% of the vote with almost 9,000 more votes than Chip Roy received in his primary. Texas' 21st Congressional District is the fastest growing congressional district in the state, and saw a remarkable surge in Democratic voters on Super Tuesday (a 192% increase over 2018 and 189% increase over 2016). On primary day, Democrats cast over 22,000 more votes in this race than did the Republicans. Bottom line, this race is very winnable. And we need to help make it happen. But be warned, we can not take a win for granted. It will require a lot of work on all of our parts.

Please stand with me in financially supporting Wendy by making a donation toward her campaign. Elections are won on the strength of all voter contributions, whether $10 or $1000. The future of our country is at stake in this election, and it is far past time to have our voices heard by a like minded leader representing us in Washington. We have a very real chance of winning this election, especially with Wendy as our nominee.
The link to make your event donation is https://secure.actblue.com/donate/0328springbranch  

Let’s send Wendy to Washington! 

Office Open Three Days a Week
Wednesdays 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Fridays 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Saturday 1:30-4:30 p.m.

We understand the concerns regarding the Covid-19 .
We are taking precautions by implementing disinfecting procedures for the office.

Stop by to pick up signs for
Wendy Davis , Rebeca Martinez

Check out our KCDP Art Gallery, or take or leave a book from the Progressive Little Library.
We are discontinuing Digital Office Hours but both Laura or Becky will be glad to schedule time with you if technical support is required. Just contact either of us to set up a time.
I f you’d like to volunteer to staff a shift,
please contact Office Manager Sherry Thurman @  mzsherry.mitchell.thurman@gmail.com.
March Art Exhibit in our Office Art Gallery!

The KCDP/BAD office has an Art Gallery, featuring work by local Democratic artists. We’ll choose a new artist to feature each month. All proceeds from the sale of your art will benefit KCDP.
Jessica Veilleux is the featured artist for March!
Artists are responsible for bringing in their artworks, hanging them (using the picture rail and hanging hardware), placing the pricing tags, and removing their work when their month is complete. KCDP office staff will handle the sale of any works.
If you’d like to see a full set of guidelines, email Laura Bray Any questions? Want to sign up for a month?

Contact Laura Bray, laurabray61@gmail.com 210-884-6843.
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