March 11, 2018
Dear Greetings!
Delta recently published a new anti-union video. In it, Delta management attempts to discourage us from signing union authorization cards, claiming that our IAM campaign is originating outside and apart from us and that it’s risky to sign cards and form a union. 

Interestingly, when the video was posted on YouTube, commenting was allowed. But when Delta bosses didn't like our reaction, they shut down our ability to comment. So much for the "direct relationship." Delta didn’t like our feedback, so it chose to silence us.

It's parallel to our IAM drive itself. Delta wants to hold all the cards and keep us without a voice when it doesn't align with their narrative. We can't talk back to messages piped into a break room on deltavision. We can't have an open debate with articles that pop up on the DeltaNet homepage. When we form a union, we take back control and have the ability to comment and voice our opinion, even, and most importantly, when it opposes Delta's view.

When we sign a card to request a union election , we are asking for the right to vote, the right to form a union and gain a voice at work. We risk nothing!

In the video, Delta says that a union would ruin the so-called "direct relationship." It would be more truthful for Delta bosses to say what we know they mean by the direct relationship; “we talk”and “you listen."

Our IAM drive comes straight from the us and what we face everyday on the job. 

Delta execs, aren't you interested in what we have to say? Don't you want to hear about our need for more staffing, a fair job bid, an end to favoritism, a pension for retirement? How about equal treatment, benefits, and a career pay scale for Ready Reserves, more full time upgrades and a work schedule we can depend on?

Delta bosses like to say we have an "open door policy." Until management allows for a two-way debate about OUR issues, all we have is an open door fallacy.

The time is now for all to come together and sign a card. Request your a-card today.  

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