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"Adding a fresh look and luxury touches to your home may be more affordable than you think. It just takes some research, planning and prioritizing, according to San Antonio builder and developer Rick Montelongo. His advice is to find a team that will work with you throughout the project, from creating a design that speaks to you to finding on-budget alternatives for high-end options — all while keeping you involved every step of the way. 'I tell homeowners that we are going to design and build their home together,' he says."
"Starting young.  Montelongo began working at his father’s construction firm when he was just 12 years old. 'He started me out sweeping floors,' he says. Over the next decade, Montelongo worked with various trades and became the company manager at 25. 

In the years that followed, Montelongo spent time developing projects in Cancun, Mexico, started his own design-build firm in San Antonio and offered seminars on investing in real estate. Montelongo launched Bordeaux Luxury Homes in 2016."
"Building homes and friendships.  Montelongo says working with homeowners is his favorite part of the job. “We interact with some of the kindest people,” he says. He loves the bond that comes from watching together as the project comes to fruition. “The biggest joy is seeing how their new home makes them happy,” says Montelongo. 

Below, Montelongo has some budget-friendly ways to get the luxury look you want."
"1. Keep What Works

Even with a full renovation, some things are worth keeping. In this Windcrest home, the homeowner wanted to keep the same floor plan but asked Montelongo to redo almost everything else.

Montelongo gutted the interior, which was in bad shape after years of neglect. He created a modern kitchen, redid the bathrooms and put in new flooring throughout. Fresh paint, new light fixtures, a new front door and new landscaping gave the home a fresh, contemporary look. 'The home looks new, but the house itself stayed the same,' Montelongo says."
"2. Splurge a Little

Feel free to treat yourself, especially where it counts. 'Don’t be so budget conscious that you squeeze out what you really want,' Montelongo says. 'There are creative and affordable options out there,' he adds. 

This home in north central San Antonio was in dire need of a new kitchen. Montelongo worked with the homeowners to design the gourmet kitchen they wanted while staying within their budget. Keeping the plumbing and gas lines in place and choosing semi-custom cabinets allowed the couple to add more luxe touches, such as a designer glass backsplash, granite countertops and the island they wanted. 'It looks like a million dollars without costing that,' Montelongo says."
"3. Add Up-to-Date Style

Tune into luxury market trends and incorporate some of those elements into your home, just on a smaller scale. Search the internet for photos of features you want and information on the latest looks, Montelongo says. He also recommends visiting upscale model homes for ideas. 

In the kitchen of this home in The Pinnacle community, Montelongo chose high-end granite for the countertops and island. 'You could use it on just the island in your home to get the same feel,' he says. Other custom features include glass fireplaces and the wine grotto, both of which can be added to any home. 'We can build a temperature-controlled wine cellar that holds several hundred bottles in a small closet,' Montelongo says. 
"More:  For more information on Rick Montelongo and examples of his work, visit  Bordeaux Luxury Homes Houzz profile."

This story was written by the Houzz Sponsored Content team.
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