Happy Monday!

I know you've comtiplating moving forward. You've started and stopped several times only to keep putting it off even longer the next time. I showed up this morning to say "Don't Wait" As you are pursuing your dreams or just bettering yourself make a vow to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments along the way.

I remember one season a very popular college basketball team had won every game leading up to the championship game which was the very last game of the season. It was the very game that would make them the champions for that year and sadly they lost the game. It was a close game but it was a lost in basketball history. That night they had absolutely nothing to celebrate. I was there because someone very special in my life was on that team. I seen the tears and felt their pain. I saw how those young men had worked so very hard all season long only for it to end with no celebration at all. No matter what words of encouragement I offered their pain and despair was unbearable to them for they only thought of their lost. My friend Don't wait. Celebrate each step along the way.   Do not allow the enemy to rob and steal your joy in the "small wins" waiting for the "BIG win". That was just that season. Eventually the team went forth in their careers. Some went on to be professional basket players and some pursue other options but they all experience and learned that “You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going.”

You may have experience some similar seasons in your life. You may have lost some battles along the way but don't wait to start a pursuing your life again. That season of your life is over. It's a new season, it's a new day. A fresh anointing is flowing your way. You've now have stepped into your winning season and t his time as you pursue to win don't wait to celebrate along the way. At that time the team though they had lost the greatest game of their life but life has shown them b ecause they got back in the game of life they have won so much more in life. So i say go forth. Don't let your losses stop you.
Don't wait another second, get back in the game and expect to win.

This time as you go along celebrate each step, each accomplishment, achievement, success and feat as you go along the way. Don't wait til the battle is over...SHOUT NOW!!! Because this is not a question of "if", this is a question of "when?!" The truth is, God has already given you the victory! Victory over every enemy, and over everything that opposes His Plan for your life. Jeremiah reminded us that "He knows the plans He has for us...than of an expected win. That tells me that the fight was fixed before it started. However, sometimes we just have to learn life lessons along the way.

You heard the prophet so no matter what it looks or feel like you're still in the game and the end result is a guaranteed WIN! (Jeremiah 29:11) You CANNOT lose, because we're on the winning side! Decree you're in it to win it and no matter what pit falls may come along the way choose to trust God ALL the way!

Don't wait till the end, praise God now the victory! As you go forth learn to thank Him for each success large or small along the way because its your preparation for the BIG win at the end. So don't to wait celebrate now!

Today's Scripture :
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”  Jeremiah 29:11

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hank you and Have a AB day!