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We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are'

                                                                                        - Anais Nin 


The number of patients who now have a list of mental health diagnoses has become astounding; it is shocking to know that antidepressants are one of the top prescribed drugs in this country. Of greater distress, the highest selling drug is currently an antipsychotic.
It is apparent that many Americans feel emotionally challenge and are losing their mental grip. Your emotional health is essential to your physical well-being. Unfortunately, it is a standard practice to disassociate our mental condition with our physical disorders. Digestive complaints have become epidemic. The 'purple pill' may help but understanding that you have a secondary nervous system within in your gut that responds to every thought may serve you better.
How does this confounded system of care continue? Is anyone telling you 'How you can prevent this condition in your life' or are you willing to settle on 'a fix instead of a cure'. Medications provide 'the quick fix'. The fix is fast. It requires minimal engagement or self reflection. There's no eminent challenge. Therefore, there's limited gain.
For you to become greater than you already are, in any aspect of your health, you must become a participant in your care. Know that you are deserving of more!
Your Healthy Living Tip
Questions you should ask:
  1. How can I reverse my condition?
  2. If you were me, would you take this medication and why?
  3. Would you recommend this for your family?
  4. What is your personal regimen for remaining healthy and aging well?
At the One to One Wellness Retreat , we show you how to reduce medication and reverse dis-ease with simple life sustaining practices.
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