Scam alert about requests for money:
Do not answer text from unknown phone numbers, respond to phone calls from unknown contacts, or click on emails claiming to be church staff -- such as strangers claiming to be authorized to contact you on behalf Monsignor Joseph, Bishop Zarama, the Diocese of Raleigh, or other church authorities.

Church staff will never contact you with requests for money for personal matters -- such as gift cards for personal use, or to support an undocumented development overseas, to help family members, and such. Do NOT reply to any such messages. Don't give money or your personal information on the phone or email.

There are several ways to ensure the safety of your giving , so you know it's really going to All Saints and/or the Diocese of Raleigh:
  • Use your mailed envelope packet and submit at Mass, mail, or office
  • Give securely online at and follow the instructions.
  • For the Bishop's Annual Appeal, use their mailing pieces and online portal.

Order offertory envelopes at .

Here are tips from the Federal Trade Commission about how to protect yourself from scams:

Call the office at 910-270-1477 or forward the email to the parish secretary ( ) if you receive any such requests.
Thanks for celebrating Mass with us.


All Saints Catholic Church
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