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Virden Benefits offers a suite of products that can meet your business and individual needs. Contact us for a complimentary consultation about Health Insurance, Supplemental Benefits, Life Insurance, Disability and more.
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Cancer Awareness
The 12 month calendar is filled with "Awareness Months" for an endless list of causes. As you see above, 11 of the 12 months are Cancer Awareness months - for a reason. Most of us know family or friends who have experienced a cancer diagnosis. A cancer diagnosis deals an emotional blow to the diagnosed and the family around them. What often follows is a financial blow.

In fact, a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment journey can bankrupt individuals & families. A Cancer Protection Plan pays an initial diagnoses lump sum followed by payments towards treatments, helping keep the insured financially whole. Plans can also protect your spouse & children (to age 26) against costly cancer treatments. Do you own a business? Offer your employees access to peace of mind at no cost to your business. Also Available Direct to Individuals. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how easy and affordable peace of mind can be.
Health Insurance
Supplemental Gap Fillers
Virden Benefits can assist Massachusetts Businesses and Individuals find health insurance solutions.

There are many considerations when choosing health insurance - Lower or Higher Deductible? Co-pay & Co-insurance options? Will my Primary Care Doctor take the plan? - just to name a few. Often one can choose a higher deductible plan to save premium cost. An affordable Supplementary Plan can protect in support of the health insurance, to protect against Accidental Injury, Cancer or Heart Attack, and more.

If you are business owner who recognizes that benefits can be the employee recruitment & retainment tool you need, let's talk. If you are an individual - Solopreneur, Divorcee or otherwise - I can help.

Protection Against the High Cost of Ambulance Transport
Ambulances offer a critical service when we need it most. However, when we receive the bill, there is often a severe case of sticker shock.
See both in-network and out-of-network scenarios above. Out-of-pocket costs for helicopter transport can range from $8000 to $30,000!
Perfect for the world traveler, active weekend warrior on the slopes or elsewhere and anyone not interested in paying big bucks for an ambulance ride. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Virden Benefits to learn about MASA Medical Transport Solutions
How Money Works
Life Insurance can be an important part of financial planning. Whole Life with cash growth, Permanent Life with guaranteed retirement income and optional Long Term Care coverage are two examples of practical, affordable solutions.

Virden Benefits is willing to send you a FREE copy of "How Money Works" by Tom Mathews & Steve Siebold. Yes, FREE. It is a short yet informative read. Simply reach out and we'll send the book immediately.
Friday Fun
They say "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". Now, I work hard everyday to serve my clients and grow my business. But I truly do love what I do. And, after a recent successful early Friday morning client meeting, my passenger caught me in a celebratory song. I wonder if the Dunkin people are seeking a new jingle.
Trusted Partners
I am very proud to know many great professionals who are tops in their fields. When you need a service, there is a strong chance I can recommend someone. Check out this list of Trusted Partners and just ask if you want an introduction.

Each month I am going to highlight one of my partners here. This month I am featuring my friend Mabelyn Lopez of 4 Insurance LLC.

4 Insurance LLC is an insurance agency providing personal and business insurance services to individuals and small businesses. We provide risk assessment, discuss coverages, suggest coverages, and most importantly educate our clients. We are a bilingual agency with over 20 years’ experience and our goal is to create long lasting relationships with our clients and be the support they need when they are starting, growing, and expanding.

Owner Mabelyn Lopez has worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years: I have seen clients not have sufficient coverage due to the lack of communication and education, language barrier, being uninsured or underinsured. When clients are purchasing insurance it’s something they can’t see or feel and it is my job to inform them and make them aware of all the necessary insurance policies they need.

Consumers aren’t aware of the many different types of insurance policies that can be taken out on their home, automobile or business. As much as the consumer may not want to purchase some of the most necessary insurances, it is my job to inform, educate, and let them know just why it will be suitable to them in the long run. The most rewarding part of my job is when my client feels secure in their policy.

To learn more about all the different policies you can find at 4 Insurance, visit their website and connect with them on LinkedIn!
Quote of the Month

Being prepared does not make the crisis disappear! Even if you’re ready, it’s still there, only in more manageable proportions. - Barbara Salisbury

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