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Anyone who's traveled abroad has had the experience of going through passport control in an airport or cruise ship terminal. It's a strange, in-between sort of place: a vast hall, often without windows, all fluorescent lights and shiny linoleum tile.

It's a place of anxious waiting. Even if we're confident that our passport is updated and all our travel papers are in order, there's still that moment of uncertainty as we approach the stern-faced immigration agent. That official looks us up and down, comparing us to our passport photo. Maybe there will be a question or two about what our purpose is in traveling to that country. Then, at last, the rubber stamp comes out, the passport is handed back, and we just may get a friendly, "Welcome to [name of country]."

Or not. Immigration officials are not generally noted for their cheery demeanor.

Most of us are not used to being treated as strangers and aliens. But, in that awkward place in between national borders, that is what we are.

The Apostle Paul knew this experience well. He was the closest thing there was to a world traveler in the First Century - although his journeys were confined to the lands that border the Mediterranean Sea, all of them comprised within the vast Roman Empire. The fact that he - a Pharisee and rabbi from the province of Judah - was himself a Roman citizen was a rare advantage that he deployed at several key moments. Still, he was often at the mercy of local governors until he established his credentials.

In Ephesians 2, Paul rejoices that we are "no longer strangers and aliens" because of what Jesus Christ as done for us. When we meet a fellow Christian it's as though we are members of the same family. We are members of that family not by birth, but by adoption: an image that meant a lot in the Roman world, where adoption - even of adults - was an important and frequently-used way of tying two families together.

As any adoptive parent knows, adoption is a beautiful thing: even more beautiful yet is God's adoption of us in Jesus Christ.

Come to worship this Sunday, as we celebrate being part of God's adoptive family together!

Sunday Worship
July 22, 2018

“So then you are no longer strangers and aliens,
but you are citizens with the saints
and also members of the household of God...”
-Ephesians 2:19

In music this Sunday, we are pleased to welcome  guest musician, Justin Proffitt Mr. Proffitt serves as an adjunct faculty member at The College of New Jersey and at Westminster Choir College, teaching piano secondary courses. In addition, he maintains an independent music studio in the Princeton, New Jersey area. His performing experience has ranged from solo piano recitals to various collaborative performances. A recipient of Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy and Performance from Westminster Choir College, Justin continues to pursue his research interests by working toward a doctorate in Music and Music Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Come and enjoy the special music and listen to Dr. Wilton's sermon, "Don't Be a Stranger" based on Ephesians 2. Hope to see you at our 10:15AM worship service!
Pictures from Summer 2017
E'port at LPC
Pictures from Summer 2017
E'port at LPC
Summer Fun with our Friends from Elizabethport
August 7
10:00AM to 4:00PM

We look forward to hosting our friends from Elizabethport (E’port) on August 7! The day will begin at Lamington Church at 10:00AM with a variety of craft activities. After, we will caravan to Christie Whitman’s farm for a picnic lunch, pool time, and yard games until 4:00PM. Everyone is welcome—this event is for all ages! We need helpers for leading crafts, and picnic donations of cold drinks, watermelon, ice cream bars, and chips. Fresh green salad and pizza will be provided. Please let Chris Smith know if you can join in the fun by emailing her at . Hope you can make it!
There have been a few adjustments to the Guest Preachers schedule for the month of August, when Dr. Wilton will be away on vacation. Here are the ministers who will be preaching and leading worship during that time:

August 5 (Communion): The Rev. Christopher Belden, recently retired as Pastor of the Community Presbyterian Church of Mountainside, NJ
August 12, The Rev. Jeanne Radak, Presbytery Leader of the Presbytery of Newton
August 19, The Rev. Ann Shamy, Chaplain, Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center, New Brunswick (Ann was a former member and office manager here at Lamington Church when she received her call to Ministry of the Word and Sacrament.)
August 26, The Rev. Stan Purdum, writer, editor of the "Proclaim" sermon resource, and United Methodist minister residing in Bound Brook
Save the Date & Join Us!!

We will celebrate Kick-Off Sunday by having our annual BBQ on the front lawn immediately following our 10:15AM worship service on Sunday, September 9 . Tables will be set up; but if you prefer to picnic, please bring a blanket to sit on the lawn. Invite a friend to come and introduce them to Lamington Church. To help make this day fun and special, please bring their favorite salad or a finger dessert .We will also need volunteers for set-up and clean-up. If you have questions, please call Debby at (908) 832-7230 or Shelley at (908) 510-6961.
Hope to see you there!!
A recent issue of the Elizabeth Presbytery newsletter contains the news that the Presbytery Leader Search Committee has suspended its work, recommending that the present contract with the Interim Presbytery Leader, the Rev. Leslie Dobbs-Allsopp, be extended into the future.

A letter from the Presbytery Moderator, the Rev. Erin Hayes-Cook, makes reference to the ongoing work of the Synod of the Northeast's New Jersey Presbyteries Missional Structures Group, that is bringing leaders of presbyteries together to discuss possible mergers and boundary changes. Pastor Carl Wilton has been involved in futuring discussions at the Synod level for some time now - having served on two different work groups of the New Way Forward initiative that redesigned the Synod's structure and governance. He is serving as a consultant to the New Jersey Missional Structures Group.

New Jersey has one of the densest concentrations of Presbyterian churches in the country, but even so, seven presbyteries to serve such a geographically compact state is unusual.

The bottom line? Nothing will change with respect to Elizabeth Presbytery's boundaries or interim staffing in the near future, although everyone is poised to discuss changes that may be recommended by the New Jersey Missional Structures Group in the coming months.
Lemonade Sundays

Summer is here and it's time for Lemonade Sundays! Beginning in July, Lamington church will serve lemonade and iced tea during fellowship time after worship. The Lemonade Sundays schedule and instructions have been mailed to our hosts. You can also click on the links below to see if you are on the summer schedule and/or read the set-up instructions. If you are unable to host, remember to call Debby Johnson at  (908) 832-7230  or email at .

Sunday, July 22 - Pam Smith
Sunday, July 29 - Georgie Schley

Upcoming Liturgists

Sunday, July 22 - Clare Halsey
Sunday, July 29 - Ritika Thomas

Please call or email the church office if you would like to sign up for one of the open dates. A sign-up sheet is also located on the bulletin board outside the church office--stop by and check it out after worship and sign up for a Sunday or two!
Deacons on Duty

Sunday, July 22 - Eleanor Halsey
Sunday, July 29 - Join Gordon & Sallye Grubel

A Note to the Deacons: To make a change to the Deacon on Duty schedule or to sign-up for Sunday duty, please call or email Monica Immanual at (908) 450-7278, . A sign-up sheet is also located on the bulletin board outside the church office.
The Upcoming Week at Lamington

Sunday, July 22
10:15AM Worship
Sunday, July 29
10:15AM Worship
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