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Because we live in such a tumultuous and confusing time it is essential to maintain our equilibrium and our emotional/mental compass. It's not easy navigating the often-time sudden storms with their emotional waves and rocky shores that threaten to take us under. This is the time when life coaches and mental/emotional counseling and therapy becomes a necessity. It shows strength to reach out, not weakness.

Below are recommended lifelines who can pull you in from the rough waters of life and help land you safely on your feet. These coaches and counselors come highly recommended.

OR: You may just need a tune-up, help with insight, or a little push in the right direction to get you going. Any degree of mental/emotional discomfort is a reason to see someone who can help you. Reach out and save yourself.

Lynn LaFroth, editor
Hypnosis: The Ability of the Mind to Learn Through Suggestion
By Cindy Locher

FOR AS LONG as I can remember (literally!) hypnosis has been part of my life. I consider myself fortunate to have grown up with hypnosis. My dad, a Master Social Worker, learned hypnosis as one of the tools he used to work with the "juvenile delinquents" at the correctional facility where he worked. (I'm not sure if that is the correct term any more!) When I was three, I was hypnotized to get over a fear of dentists because of a traumatic incident. As I grew up, I grew up with hypnosis as a common thing in my household.
    When I decided to study hypnosis professionally and start my own clinic in 2007 I didn't fully realize the mixed reactions people have about hypnosis. Probably because my own experience was so positive and I never anticipated negatives, my business grew through the "great recession" and continues to grow to this day! READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE>>
MoxieQuest: What Is Your Courageous Adventure?
By Jenny Peterson

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go."  --Herman Hesse

CHANGE CAN BE hard especially when life seems to be "good enough." In the pursuit of becoming all that we are capable of, we can be faced with a decision to stay or go. To stay is safe and secure and as humans, we like that. To go is a risk and the outcomes are uncertain and we are less comfortable with this. Why rock the boat? We can continue doing what we are doing. Stay safe and certain. However we may find ourselves in the Henry David Thoreau quote of living a life of quiet desperation.
     Do you feel like life is calling you for more? Are you playing it safe? In order to grow, we must continue to challenge the "good enough." We need to ask questions like: How could my life be even better? What more is out there for me? How can I fully live into my passions? We will never know how awesome life can be if we stay comfortable and do not take the opportunity to be courageous! READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE>>
ONE Holistic Wellness
ONE offers services promoting healing and evolution of body/mind/spirit. By working with your Spirit Guides and Angels, ONE brings your Divine support system in to: resolve issues with the past, assess values, eliminate limiting beliefs, accomplish goals and create the life you deserve and desire. 320-250-9402.
Empowering Others With Mindfulness - Coaching Is The Tool Of Choice
Coaching certification will elevate your people and communication skills while adding techniques and competencies for creating awareness, planning and goal setting, plus managing progress toward success. Becoming a coach means completing ICF-approved coach training.
     Included with your program registration is ongoing access to resources and tools, plus a personally brandable dashboard for giving assessments.
     Become a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Wellness Coach Specialist and earn ICF membership plus continuing education for maintaining other professional designations. 800-350-1678.
Feeling stuck? Sick and tired of anxiety, insomnia, dysfunctional relationships? I offer Therapeutic Coaching to unlock your highest potential. You will feel momentum, change and relief. Therapeutic Coaching goes to the root of the issue - for real change. I will guide you to clear and heal barriers and challenges and teach you skills for continued growth and to manifest your dreams. I use a physical/emotional/spiritual health assessment, guided imagery and Hypnotherapy as tools for your wellness.My practice is unique because I am also an Academic and Career Coach.
Contact me at 612-812-4310.
Schedule your session now at:
Make concrete changes. Unlock your potential. Maximize performance.
Transformational Coaching uses techniques/strategies from NLP, spirituality, hypnosis, and energy, to work at your pace. Questions and solutions rest with you and evolve from the coaching process which differs from therapy. Eliminate fears, habits, phobias, lack of motivation, internal conflicts, relationship challenges and any issue interfering with well-being. Transformational Coaching goes to the root, leaving you with long-lasting change and practical tools for the future. An educational, fun and transformative process. Liberate you to be you! 612-760-0298.
For 12 years the hypnotherapists at ChangeWorks have helped thousands of people like you to successfully achieve your goals! Medical hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, weight loss, fears, phobias, anxieties, sports improvements, habit change, more. "I wish everyone could know about the amazing work that Cindy does! It was unbelievable how Cindy helped to relieve the stress ... I approached the challenges with a whole different feeling. WOW!  Very highly recommend her for ANYTHING." --Jan Rolfe, Eden Prairie. Center located at 7600 W. 147th Street, Suite 202. Apple Valley, MN  55124. (952) 356-0010
My background is Marriage & Family Therapy and my passion is to use hypnotherapy to help clients connect to their inner wisdom that can uncover and heal the roots of limiting fears and beliefs, thereby enabling them to experience the freedom, peace and clarity of their Higher Self. I specialize in Past Life Regression, Life-Between-Lives hypnotherapy, and also present-life deep emotional healing of the cellular memory of the body and the subconscious mind. I've had a private practice in Saint Paul for 18 years. To learn more or book a session, visit my website.
Cindy Locher, BCH
For over a decade HypnosisFirst has offered effective, professional hypnotherapy audios by Cindy Locher, Board Certified Hypnotherapist. If you're looking for professional hypnosis sessions at a reasonable cost, look to HypnosisFirst. Sessions available for weight release, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, fears, phobias, "mental chatter," anxieties and more. Try it out! Get 4 free hypnosis audios for free with our new app! Just search for "HypnosisFirst" in the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store.  HypnosisFirst: Professional Hypnosis for Powerful Change.
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