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The goal of this very important day of action is to draw people's attention to the cruelty inherent in the live transport of animals bound for slaughter.   It isn't a pleasant thought, but the reality is that in the United States, while billions of animals are sold, traded, and transported, they are also subjected to horrific cruelty. These defenseless animals are exploited for money without any consideration for their health and well-being which leads to untold suffering.

It's incredibly sad and frustrating, but true. U.S. laws allow trucks carrying live animals - horses, cows, goats, sheep, chickens - to travel for 28 hours at a time without having to provide the animals with food, water, or any kind of rest or respite whatsoever. Adding to the animals' misery, drivers rarely stop to check on their "cargo," so injuries, illness, and downed animals often go completely unnoticed, allowing their suffering to continue.
Animals bound for slaughter deserve humane treatment!  Won't you help them today? We need to put a STOP to long distance transport. TOGETHER we can make it happen.

Don't miss out this is your chance to be a voice for the voiceless! Join our Facebook and Twitter campaign on September 13th. And show your support for slaughter-bound animals by printing your "Stop Long Distance Transport" window placard from Animals' Angels today!
These non-graphic, yet poignant images, taken during actual Animals' Angels investigations, can be displayed in the window of your vehicle, your office, or your home.   You can even share them with friends to spread the word! 

Let's work TOGETHER to raise much needed awareness of the horrific suffering these helpless creatures endure in transport every day.   

Won't you please donate today to keep our investigators in the field, exposing the cruelty inherent in long distance transport? 

PROTECT the animals every day 
but especially on September 13th!
Display your "STOP LONG DISTANCE TRANSPORT" image with pride!  They are a perfect way to show your love for the animals while taking a firm stand against abuse. Click the links below to choose your image.

Imagine the POWER behind something as simple as an image. Raise awareness. Start a conversation. Educate a friend or a stranger. Promote change. Make a difference. It's in YOUR hands. 


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