We were hoping we could move our annual Mother's Day Carnation Project to Father's Day this year, because of the corona virus restrictions, and many of our faithful participating churches were also hoping this would work.

Unfortunately, our Father's Day plans have also been derailed because of the slow progress in the return to normal.

We will not be ordering the usual 24,000 carnations, but we are going to provide carnations for a few smaller churches that had agreed, early on, to get an exact number, mostly two to six dozen, for a specified donation. Nevertheless, our total carnation order for 2020 will be only about 5% of what it was last year. Needless to say, this will have a painful impact on this year's operating budget.

We thank all of our supporting churches and church contacts for their can-do attitude and willingness to be flexible when we proposed the change from Mother's Day to Father's Day.