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Don't just blow it up, Sally

Ever enlarge your vector art, but when you did, the line weights and fill effects looked wimpy? This happens because those options didn't scale at the same proportion as the rest of the art. To get enlarged art that matched the smaller version in every way, follow the instructions below.

File Prep 101:

Scale your Adobe Illustrator art like a pro

How to set your scale tool

to enlarge all aspects of your art proportionally.

Double-click the Scale tool in Illustrator (you'll find it in the toolbar, nested with the Rotate, Reflect, and Shear tools). Double-click on the Scale tool to open its options palette. Click the checkboxes for Scale Corners and Scale Strokes & Effects. Click on OK to close the palette. Select and watch it enlarge perfectly!

We welcomed Ingersoll's re-opening with brand-new window graphics

When both lanes of Ingersoll re-opened on November 1, we greeted the new streetscape with fresh window graphics. Stop by and see them!