February 2021
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GAGEtrak 7 Web Training
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February Suite
Session 1: February 8 – Available
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March Suite
Session 1: March 8 – Available
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Session 4: March 18 – Available
GAGEtrak 7 Admin Web Training
for GAGEtrak Administrators
February Suite
Session 1: February 9 – Available
Session 2: February 16 – Available
March Suite
Session 1: March 9 – Available
Session 2: March 16 – Available
GAGEtrak Lite Web Training
for anyone who uses GAGEtrak Lite
February Suite
Session 1: February 10 – Available
Session 2: February 17 – Available
March Suite
Session 1: March 10 – Available
Session 2: March 17 – Available
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Skip Dates and Skip Days
GAGEtrak lets you define days of the week and specific dates to be skipped when calculating calibration due dates. These days might include weekends, holidays, plant shutdown periods, etc. You also define whether you want the calibration due date to be adjusted to the previous or following available day; this adjustment occurs seamlessly upon passing a calibration.
In GAGEtrak 7, navigate to the Setup -> Settings -> Calendar tab; in GAGEtrak Lite, navigate to the Settings -> Calibration tab.

In the Skip Date Entry pane (called Days of Week to Skip in GAGEtrak Lite), check the checkbox for any day of the week you want to regularly skip.
In the Skip Dates pane (called Specific Dates to Skip in GAGEtrak Lite), enter a specific date you want to skip. As you enter a date, a new, empty field appears to add another date.
In the Skip Date Direction field, you may choose either Skip Forward (which is the default) or Skip Backward. Selecting Skip Forward means that if a calibration due date falls on a skipped day/date, it would automatically be moved to the next available day in the future. Likewise, Skip Backward will set the due date to the first available day prior, which assures your gages will never be out of calibration on the floor.
Should you have a gage which does not conform to the global skip setting, you may change the Skip Direction setting for that specific gage on the Gages -> Schedule tab. In GAGEtrak Lite, this setting is in the Gages -> Calibration Schedule tab, Default Skip Date Direction field.
We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities in your GAGEtrak software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.