The Egret Corner
September 2020 | Issue 3
A slew of Round Stingrays gather in Area A of the Ballona Wetlands. Photo by Jonathan Coffin, edited by Lisa Rachal.
Dear Ballona Wetlands Advocates,

In this issue we are excited to share with you the host of Birds of North America; a powerful piece highlighting ways to create a diverse and fair science community; the world of microplastics and ways to re-ignite your inner eco-warrior.

Our water-quality research on Ballona Creek has resumed! We've incorporated new safety measures to insure the safety and well-being our team that involve visiting less sites, requiring masks during surveys and keeping 6ft of social distancing when possible. While school visits and field trips are still on hold, we continue to work on other ways to connect the community with nature while adhering to safety protocols.

Please enjoy the rest of newsletter! If you have any questions and/or feedback, email

Thank you for your support!


The Ballona Wetlands Team
Coastal Cleanup Month

Instead of Coastal Cleanup Day California will be switching to Coastal Cleanup Month! This month join various local environmental groups that are organizing DIY cleanups with tools to encourage and support participants. Here are a few: Friends of the Los Angeles River, Heal the Bay, and Friends of Ballona Wetlands.
Diversity in the Field Spotlight: Jason Ward
Join the bird snuggle! Check out this heartwarming YouTube series Birds of North America with Jason Ward, his series captures the joy and solace people find in nature, and excites you to connect with the world around you.

In this video Jason goes birding with the
one of the world's foremost naturalists Kenn Kaufman. Season 1-2 are on YouTube (under 10mins per ep). Prepare to feel the love.
Article: Dismantling Systemic Racism in Science
The American Association for the Advancement of Science(AAAS) recently published Dismantling Systemic Racism in Science a letter by Dr. Esther A. Odekunle.

Dr. Esther A. Odekunle is a Senior Scientist Antibody Engineer, and an advocate for the underrepresented in STEM. This letter highlights ways, in which, systemic racism is presented in science communities and concisely provides various solutions to creating an inclusive, diverse and fair community.

Bird of the Month: Cooper's Hawk
Interesting Facts

When and Where: Can be see not only at the Ballona Wetlands but many neighborhoods across LA year round. Coopers Hawks are woodland and forest birds, and can be seen where trees are present or over a field.

Nesting Habitat: Nests are typically 25-50 feet high in trees on flat terrain typically in dense woods.

Diet: Mostly medium-sized birds and small mammals (e.g. squirrels, mice, bats, etc.)

Photo: Jonathan Coffin, edited by Lisa Rachal
Facts from
10 Facts You Need to Know About Microplastics
Microplastics are a big part of our lives. Therefore, its important to be aware of the ways humans contribute to forming microplastics, and how we, as individuals can reduce the adverse impacts microplastics pose to us and the world at large.

Video by Imari Walker, Environmental Engineering PhD student.
Article: Tips to Re-ignite Your Inner Eco-warrior During Quarantine
This pandemic has caused me to use more plastic than I’ve ever wanted.[...] As a result, it has been hard for me to feel like the environmentalist I aspire to be. However, when I see people continue to persevere on their zero waste journey/planet-conscious lifestyle, I am reminded to focus on the things I can do today to leave the planet a little bit better and I’d encourage you to try it. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Local Bulk Shopping Stores in LA
(minimal/plastic free shopping options)

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