Presents new books available for translation from ATD Press
Leadership Lessons for Any Occasion
Stories of Our Mothers
ISBN: 9781947308626 | November 2018
Nearly everyone has stories of advice given by their mothers. Mothers are often the first coaches and teachers we encounter, and their guidance has a special value. In Leadership Lessons for Any Occasion: Stories of Our Mothers , executive coaches and authors Ed and Nila Betof have collected stories from a wide range of leaders, teachers, coaches, and talent development professionals about how their mothers guided their paths to helping others lead resourceful, meaningful lives. The bite-sized anecdotes inspire every reader to dive deep into their past and rediscover how their earliest childhood lessons can continue to help them—and the people they coach and lead—grow today. 
The Art of Executive Coaching
Secrets to Unlock Leadership Performance
ISBN: 9781947308794 | October 2018
With businesses becoming more complex, leaders tend to lean on their high performers to keep the company first class, fend off competitors, innovate, or pivot to new, unexplored markets. But who do these executives and leaders turn to when they need to refine their own skills? Executive coaches. In The Art of Executive Coaching , coaching expert Nadine Greiner reveals the secrets, tips, and tricks to unlocking the better performance leaders need to thrive. With this book, aspiring executive coaches will understand why coaching works so well—why certain techniques enable leaders to achieve dramatic results in a relatively short time. 
Speak for a Living
The Insider’s Guide to Building a Speaking Career, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781562860912 | October 2018
I n this revised and expanded edition, bestselling authors and speakers Anne Bruce and Sardék Love offer updated strategies for navigating the public-speaking business. Their new material on social media and website marketing will help speakers (veteran and aspiring alike) find their niche and create a unique brand that reaches the right audience. Bruce and Love show how to diversify services in an increasingly globalized industry, whether through booking international gigs, getting published, or developing new products. And they’ll use their years of experience to help readers avoid the mistakes so many speakers and trainers make.
E-Learning Department of One 
ISBN: 9781947308824 | December 2018
The new online training is due next week. You need to tweak a few activity questions, make sure changes to the audio voice-over flow smoothly, and get the subject matter expert to sign off on the final storyboard. To cap it all off, you’re on your own! As more companies explore the e-learning space for training and development, they often task lone individuals to bear the load.   E-Learning Department of One  is a lifeline for anyone who must develop online training alone and under pressure, whether he or she is a n instructional designer asked to start with e-learning, an experienced marketer developing a sales support e-learning module, or a classroom trainer taking your content online .