December is National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month

Dear HCC Member:
The Holiday season is here and we want to bring a special awareness to the prevention of drunk and drugged driving during the month of December.

This HCC December Newsletter has some really valuable resources for you regarding Prevention of impaired driving. Plus don't miss the article by HCC Member Megan Parisi.

If you are new to HCC or just learning about the coalition, you can find us on Facebook @yourlife-yourchoicehcc or you can find more information on our website: .
Thank you all for that you do in the community!
Thank You For Doing What You Do
HCC would like to recognize members for their great contributions!    For the month of December, HCC would like to recognize Liz Threehouse, Social Media and Marketing Member for all of her hard work!  Liz is responsible for many behind-the-scenes coalition efforts including maintaining our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts on a daily basis.  She also prepares our monthly HCC Newsletters. Liz has also represented HCC by attending several community events and initiatives.  You may have seen her at the events taking photos or engaging in discussions with event attendees regarding the dangers of youth substance use.
Thank you Liz for all that you do!
December National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month
In 2017, the United States experienced more than 10,000 deaths due to alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents.  That number accounted for 29% of all U.S. traffic-related fatalities.  Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that about 18% of all traffic accidents involve some type of other drug such as marijuana or cocaine for example. Read more
National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is in January
Here is an Article written by HCC Member
-Megan Parisi

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs there is. One thing that helps is being prepared, especially when it comes to those challenging conversations children tend to bring up at the least opportune time. Why not prepare for them ahead of time? Be proactive and consider conversations you can have to prepare your children to make decisions on their own. Drugs and alcohol are readily available to youth and it is easier for them to make the right decisions when they have the facts. Here are some tips for these conversations: Read more

Only One Month Left for the HCC Video Contest

Only 1 Month Left! Please encourage students to participate in the #HCCBeDrugFreeVideo Contest! Please help support this contest in an effort to encourage youth to speak out against substance use.There will be random prize drawings prior to the contest deadline for early submittals! All details can be found on our website at:
Celebrate Safely This Holiday Season
HCC Vaping Posters
.. .they will be going into schools in our county

Vaping has become a dangerous trend among youth that has been recognized around Cattaraugus County. Please help to educate youth on vaping! If you would like one or both of these posters to display in your agency, please contact to request.  

Next meeting is January 3rd!
Help Is Only A Phone Call Away!
Youth Crisis Hotline Information
  Cattaraugus Community Action
24-Hour Crisis Hotline  (888) 945-3970
Olean General Hospital
24-Hour Crisis Hotline  (800) 339-5209
24-Hour Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741