What is the Plan for MCEC???
Be on the lookout for an email from your District Board Chair with information about your specific district plan. 

The basic overview is that your students will still take a test, and complete a role play situation. The platform will be DLG, the same one we have used for District and State in the past. MUCH more info and guidance will be coming on HOW this will work…. BUT our members will have a district competition! 

Here is your opportunity to get those burning questions, confusing resources, or just see some other friendly faces!  Join POB (Pam) during the following times:

(This will also be posted on Social Media)

Topic: Diamond Conversations
Date/Time: Oct 7, 2020 03:00 PM. Oct 14, 2020 03:00 PM

Use the link & information below for the meetings:
Join the Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 885 5478 8367
Passcode: 778556

Be on the lookout for videos and sessions from State Officers on how to prepare for
Virtual Competition.
The Toy Box
Leadership Series
Looking for leadership lessons for your students? Look no further! Our State Officer Team has the Toy Box Leadership Series of videos already posted on our YouTube channel. Click below & check them out!

FOR CDC 2020

Many of you have asked about the number of students in each of the competitive events from last year at CDC. Well, the information is available to you! Just follow the link below for the details!