Our Mission:
Educate, restore and unify America to a culture of life ethic 
by fulfilling the promise made to
Dr. Bernard Nathanson
“My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6
A special "Thank You" from Terry Beatley
A Message From Terry Beatley, President
Dear Friends of Hosea, 
Many of you receiving this newsletter had the privilege of being at our first annual Life is Beautiful Gala at which we presented the Bernard N. Nathanson, MD, "Courageous Witness for Life    Award ". Senator Kevin Cramer (ND), our Honorary Host, opened the evening and Mike Lindell, Inventor and CEO of My Pillow, was our Emcee. What a night!!! To God be the glory because it was for Him showcasing beauty, goodness, and truth.
For those who could not attend, please enjoy all the pictures here and on our Facebook page photo albums that capture the beauty, elegance and spirit of the evening. The gorgeously decorated and lit Mellon Auditorium provided the setting for nearly 500 people to come together in support of our mission. We dazzled our guests with an elegant setting, beautiful music from seven top artists and vocalists, a delicious meal by DC's top caterer, and a great program.
The program showcased how fulfilling my promise to Dr. Nathanson allows Hosea's mission to "connect the dots" of all the dimensions of American private and civic life deeply harmed by the lies that led to the decriminalization of abortion and the deceptive idea that abortion is “women's healthcare”. Nothing in America has been untouched by the lies over the last 50 years. Here's the Power Point on this presentation at the Gala: 
This theme was made more poignant by a short video of Dr. Nathanson late in life expressing his deep regret. 

Further, we enjoyed a presentation by Myah Abraham , a 16-year old Texan, who shared how her life changed after reading my book, What If We’ve Been Wrong? , which exposes the lies Dr. Nathanson used to deceive our country.
As if Baby's Breath could whisper "remember me", we paused to remember the 62 million American babies who lost their lives to abortion while Virtuoso Violinist Wai Mizutani and his 13-year old prodigy student, Lauren Welch played, " The Prayer. "

The banner to the right was one of six banners hung around the ballroom with powerful messages encouraging everyone to be courageous witnesses for life.

Our keynote speaker was Mallory Millett, author of our FACT CHECK booklet, "Marxist Feminism's Ruined Lives" , who spoke on: Shining Light in Dark Places - Allowing Truth to Heal a Nation . She connected the dots between the Marxist threats against the family unit and the deconstruction of Western civilization. Revealing how her sister, Kate, had become a Communist who cofounded the National Organization of Women, Mallory did a marvelous job setting the stage for the importance of Hosea Initiative's mission - to educate, restore, and unify America around a culture of life ethic. She proved the point that history and worldviews really do matter!
We shared with our guests Hosea's aggressive plans for the coming year in working to teach America the healing truth that seeks to address the many dimensions of harm abortion has done to America in a year when an educated public could make all the difference. Here's the Power Point presented at the Gala. 
Finally, the apex of the evening was presenting the first annual Bernard N. Nathanson, MD "Courageous Witness for Life Award” . The 2019 recipient is President Donald J. Trump as the most pro-life President in our lifetimes. We were privileged to make the presentation to Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, who accepted the award on behalf of President Trump and gave an outstanding acceptance speech.
We have received countless acclamations about the evening from so many of our guests. We are so delighted that our hope to give everyone an unforgettable night were realized. Many thanks are due to Clare Ruff, our Director of Events and Outreach. She made it beautiful!
The Hosea Initiative team feels the wind at our back from the Gala and are primed to be a major factor in educating America in 2020. 
We welcome your financial support. We cannot fulfill our mission in 2020 without significant financial backing. Please consider making a generous year end donation to Hosea Initiative, a 501(c)(3) organization and help America come to know the truth in time to make a difference!!  Here’s the LINK to our Donation page or if you prefer mailing a check, the address is PO Box 56, Lancaster, VA 22503. 
Thank you and God bless America and every unborn American child in the womb. 
Terry Beatley
Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D.
Quote of the Month

Even Dr. Nathanson thought his legacy would profit America!

“…there was prolife work to be done. I knew there were cleaner hands to do this work, but I told myself that somewhere, someday, someone might profit from the story of the travails through which I was feeling my way.”

The Hand of God, p. 195

 Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events in 2020!

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