Early Bird Rates
11/27/17 - 4/30/18

Marathon - $95
Half Marathon - $85
Summer 10k - $40
Summer 5k - $30
Regular Rates
5/1/18 - 10/15/18

Marathon - $145
Half Marathon - $115
Summer 10k - $45
Summer 5k - $35

You've committed to running a marathon. That's a big undertaking. The training for it requires quite a bit of time. When you made the commitment, you made a commitment to devote hours per week for weeks on end to prepare for it.

While those hours will hopefully be well worth the time and effort, they are time you have to find in your schedule. Between work or school, family, and various other commitments, it can be hard to find that time. So what do you do?

Everyone has a different life but we can all think about some common ideas on how to fit running into the rest of our lives that will minimize the impact it will have on the other things that matter.

First, I like to start with the long run. It's the biggest time commitment and requires the most planning. When do you have the time to get this in? While the traditional long run day is often considered to be Sunday, I've found that many Monday to Friday workers do well with a Saturday morning long run. You can get the run out of the way in the morning, sometimes part of it even before the family wakes up, and have the rest of the weekend free to spend with family and friends or to meet other commitments.

Next, how to fit in those other runs? Depending on your goals, you still have three or more other runs you're trying to fit into your schedule.

Many runners look to the early morning hours to get their runs in. This is often the best way to ensure nothing else gets in the way. You can run before people are awake, before work, and before other commitments suddenly come up and take you away from your running. Morning runs are great for making the run mostly invisible to your family and to avoid having your plans get derailed by something else coming up.

Personally, I have a flexible schedule that allows me to run during my lunch break on most days. This is a huge advantage because it takes just a little more time than a normal lunch break. It doesn't cut into your sleep as much as an early morning run and can still be mostly invisible to the family.

Some people like their evening runs. While some runners do well on the evening running schedule, this can create a lot of problems for some runners. What happens if you have to work late? If a surprise family event comes up? You're so near the end of the day that you don't have much flexibility if something comes up. I've found that planned evening runs tend to be the most likely to get skipped.

So find a way to work your run into your schedule. Make it fit with the rest of your life and, within reason, look toward the earlier parts of the day so things don't get in the way and you have some flexibility to reschedule if absolutely necessary.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to sharing more training thoughts with you next month.
Coach Ryan Hill is the owner of HillRunner.com and the Official Training Partner of the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2018

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The Seattle Marathon Association is pleased to announce that we've partnered with Athlinks Services to provide a more engaging event experience throughout your race journey, with everything from registration to athlete tracking, live results and race day photos. 

As an Athlinks member, you can: 
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  • Find your next challenge by searching our database of events
  • Register for next year’s Seattle Marathon more quickly using your profile with all your biographical info
  • Add your name and goal times to event start lists 
  • Connect with fellow athlete friends and keep an eye on your closest rivals
  • Share messages of encouragement 
  • Share race goals, finish times, photos, and videos directly to Facebook
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  • Follow (and have spectators follow) live athlete tracking and race results on the Athlinks app
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  • Access all the member benefits and functionality anywhere, anytime with the Athlinks app

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to create an Athlinks profile by going to  Athlinks.com  and clicking on the SIGN UP button in the upper right corner.

The Seattle Marathon Association is looking for fun and passionate runners and walkers who are actively engaged in their local running communities. Ambassadors are the face of the marathon and help spread the word about Seattle's largest race event. An ideal ambassador is comfortable speaking with others, promoting the marathon independently as well as within group outings, and has availability to attend events and post regularly on social media outlets. In exchange for an ambassador's inherit enthusiasm, Seattle Marathon offers a tremendous number of perks, from gear to race entries to really good food on race weekend.

The Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon has helped many local and national organizations raise thousands through its Charity Partnership Program. As part of the program, individual participants register to support an affiliated cause and commit to fundraising as part of their marathon journey. By supporting a charity partner, runners are given the distinctive opportunity to make more of their marathon experience by not only accomplishing a personal goal on race day, but by giving back to a worthy cause.

Each organization creates its own fundraising platform, in which funds raised are returned directly back to the organization. No funds are filtered through the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon. So, every dollar raised directly supports the mission and services of our charity partners. The marathon prides itself in providing this direct fundraising link.
With the official designation as a charity partner, an organization receives more than $6000 in marketing and promotional support from the marathon. Charity partners will receive the following benefits.

  • Listing in the race runner's guide (10,000 copies)
  • Logo placement on posters, race entries and supplemental print material
  • Seattle Marathon website
  • Access to all Seattle Marathon social media resources
  • Access to store nights and runner recruitment events
  • Discounted expo vendor booth (75% discount)
  • Complimentary runner and information booth in the finisher's area
  • Banner placement in the finisher's area
  • Complimentary vendor booth at the SMA Summer 10K
  • Listing in the results issue (10,000 copies and online PDF)
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