Lent Madness Showdown
Every year 32 of saints are put head to head in a March Madness style bracket. In the spirit of fun and learning, I would like to challenge you to a Lent Madness Showdown! You can learn more about Lent Madness at https://www.lentmadness.org/ .

To enter our friendly contest download a bracket, fill it out (don't forget you name on it somewhere) and email a scanned copy or send me a picture of it by March 6th. I will score each round, for the first round you will get one point for each right selection, during the second round two points and so on. The person who scores the most points at the end of the tournament will receive a prize pack!
Junior High Retreat
The Junior High Retreat is a weekend for 5th-8th graders to be held at St. Andrew's in Kansas City. For some, it's an introduction to diocesan events so they feel more comfortable at future events like Camp WEMO. For everyone, The Junior High Retreat is an opportunity to get closer to God. During the weekend we will spend time getting to know each other, in small group discussions, listening to the team give talks on our theme, having fun at a carnival and worship together. 
The Junior High Retreat 2019 will focus on the baptismal covenant. 
Since we all continually grow and change there is no limit to the number of weekends a 5th-8th grader can attend the Junior High Retreat! We'll talk about the important issues in our lives, asking questions and finding our own answers...it all helps us lead a more a more genuine life. Short talks given on various topics makes for great weekend discussion!
Pilgrimage 2019
Pilgrimages have been happening since before the time of Jesus. Religious people of every tradition would make it a practice to travel to a holy site, at least once in their lifetimes--to take time out of their normal routine in order to experience something holy. Jewish people would travel to the temple at Jerusalem, Christians would travel to Canterbury or Rome, Muslims would go to Mecca, Hindus would go to the Ganges River, etc. Holy places have a long history. On each pilgrimage we travel beyond West Missouri, visiting the places that have been formational in the history of the Episcopal Church and of this country. We learn about brave and smart men and women who risked a lot to follow where they felt God was leading them--or who just fell backwards into doing the right thing – people just like us who are leaving their mark on history now, in some small way. A pilgrimage is not just about what happened in the past; it is also about how God is calling you into the future. How are you called to be at work in the world? What are you called to do with your life? 
This summer we will be traveling to Glacier National Park. We will be leaving from KC early in the morning on July 8 and return July 16. During our trip we will be staying 5 nights at a campground just outside Glacier National Park in tents. During the day we will be taking hikes that can range from 2-16 miles. We are planning to visit the Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore monuments on the way home.
The Pilgrimage is open to youth currently in grades 8-12, young adults, and adults that wish to be a chaperone. The cost for the Pilgrimage 2019 is $600, this will cover all travel, hotel on the way to and back, food and any activities we participate in as a group.
Camp WEMO 2019 is scheduled for June 2 - 7 at the Y's Camp Wakonda near Springfield. We understand that the Kansas City Area Schools have missed several days of school due to weather and may still be in school during the days we are scheduled to be at camp. Once we have a better idea of when the last day will be, we will communicate about camp plans. We hope to be able to release this information in our newsletter for March.
Youth Ministry Commission
The Youth Ministry Commission is currently seeking applications from youth and adults who feel called to serve on the leadership team for the WEMO Youth Community. Members of YMC come together three times a year for event planning, leadership training and formation opportunities. If elected to the commission, youth members serve a two year term or until graduation(whichever comes first) and adults serve for two years. Applications are being accepted until March 31st. If you have questions about the duties of the commission, please contact Josh Trader.
Upcoming Regional Events

North - March 10 2019 - Main Event!
J oin us at the Main Event on Barry Road 1-4pm for fellowship fun! There will be Bowling, Billiards, Laser tag, and much more for $7 all you can play each activity! 

Contact  Laura Williams  to RSVP
This event is sponsored by: The Good Redeemers
*Please eat lunch before the event.
This is in place of the Snow Creek Lock in

North - March 17 - Acolyte Field Day
All youth are invited (whether
a current acolyte or not!) to learn about the elements of an Episcopal service and compete in the fabled Acolyte Games!

During this fun afternoon,
we will learn things like who is the boat bearer and what is their job, what is a thurible, and who gets to wear the fancy robe ropes. Following the exciting Acolyte Processional Obstacle Course one team will take home the roving trophy! Will it be your team?

South - March 17 - Wear Green on the Green
We will begin with a fun-filled afternoon of miniature golf at Getaway Golf in Springfield, MO. We will share in fellowship, snacks, and friendly competition. This event is hosted by St. James, Springfield. Make sure to invite your friends because you won't want to miss out! 
Check-in begins at 3:00 pm on March 17th at Getaway Golf, 3833 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, MO 65809
Check out is 5:00 pm
Cost: $10 per person which includes miniature golf and snacks