April 2021
Registration Now Open for
TEXPERS' 2021 Annual Conference
BLOG POST - The Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems' 2021 Annual Conference will be held May 23-26 in Austin, marking the organization's official return to operation after the worldwide novel coronavirus pandemic halted large gatherings nearly a year ago.

As the pandemic's spread slows due to nationwide vaccine rollouts and adherence to health protocols, TEXPERS' staff and Board of Directors decided to move this year's conference from its customarily scheduled dates in April to late May. This year's theme: Back to Business.

"We are excited to gather as many of our members together as possible for our Annual Conference this May," says Art Alfaro, TEXPERS' executive director. "Just because we are getting back to business; however, doesn't mean we will be lax in following safety protocols as the novel coronavirus is still among us. Although many of our first-responder members may have received their vaccine shots, not everyone will have. That means we must enforce masking and social distancing rules outlined by the event's hotel and conference center. We might be operating under safety precautions, but we still plan on offering our members access to the quality programming they have come to associate with TEXPERS."

TEXPERS Returns to In-person Gatherings With Legislative Workshop
BLOG POST - The Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems conducted a Legislative Workshop for its System Members on March 30 and 31 in Austin. The educational event was the association's first in-person gathering since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Find Out How Proposed Legislation Could Impact Your Retirement System
BLOG POST - The state's 87th legislative session got underway on Jan. 4. TEXPERS, along with the association's Legislative Committee and legislative consultant, is monitoring the session, especially for any actions regarding public employee pensions. TEXPERS staff will regularly update this blog page with the latest happenings that may be of interest to trustees and administrators of public employee retirement systems.

Have You Seen TEXPERS' Bill Tracker?
WEB PAGE - Visit TEXPERS' website to download a document listing proposed bills that could impact public pension funds. TEXPERS Legislative Bill Tracker is updated weekly with the latest actions.

Membership Magazine
The first edition of TEXPERS Pension Observer for 2021 is out. We have an expanded edition. You can access a digital copy of the magazine now.

Click here or on the magazine cover at left to access your digital flipbook.
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TEXPERS' quarterly publication Pension Observer offers its Advisor, Associate, Consultant, Actuarial, and Vendor members advertising packages to help them get the word out about their organizations. Click here to access the association's 2021 Rate Sheet.
Mark Your Calendar
Texas Public Pensions
Texas County and District Reduces
Assumed Rate of Return to 7.5%
NEWS ARTICLE - Texas County & District Retirement System's board of trustees approved lowering the long-term assumed rate of return for the $35.7 billion system to 7.5% from 8% during a meeting on March 11.

Note: Site may require subscription to access article.
ERS of Texas Lifts Fiscal 2021 Real Estate Investment Target
NEWS ARTICLE - Employees Retirement System (ERS) of Texas has increased its fiscal 2021 real estate investment target by $200m (€167.6m) to enable it to pursue opportunities, according to the pension fund’s meeting document.

Texas' Public Servants Need a
Healthy Retirement System
OPINION - Most state employees will tell you their work has meaning for them. They know their pay is less than for comparable workers in the private sector. They accept reduced take-home pay today, in part, to finance their membership in a stable retirement pension plan. Undermining that plan weakens one of the state’s best tools for attracting and keeping good people.

Dan Patrick Declares War on
"Green" Wall Street Investors
NEWS ARTICLE - Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has made a priority of enacting an ungreen new deal to fight back, bringing to the Senate legislation that would prohibit state pension and education funds from investing with firms that transition away from financing fossil fuel companies. If the Legislature passes Patrick’s plan—Senate Bill 13, sponsored by Brian Birdwell, a Republican from Granbury—the state agencies that oversee finances for the public education system and the retirement trusts of state and local workers could be forced to fire private investment bankers who manage those state funds.

U.S. Public Pensions
Public Employees' Pensions to Remain
Whole Despite Pandemic Furloughs
NEWS ARTICLE | Washington - Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill into law Wednesday aimed at ensuring public employees’ retirement benefits won’t be reduced due to pandemic-related furloughs or their participation in an unemployment insurance support program.

Rallies Continue as Employees Seek a
Proposal That Does Not Affect Their Pensions
NEWS ARTICLE | Vermont - Despite the decision from the state legislature to re-work state employee pensions until the summer, educators and other state employees still gathered outside of the statehouse this weekend to fight for their pensions.

Another Public Worker Pension Fight is Brewing in N.J.
NEWS ARTICLE | New Jersey - Another pension fight is brewing in Trenton as New Jersey’s most powerful state lawmaker pushes legislation to split in two the pension fund for state and local government workers.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney’s proposal would divide the healthier portion of the Public Employees’ Retirement System funded by counties and municipalities from the weaker portion funded by the state.

Solutions to Rising Retirement Costs Could
Involve Public Employees and Retirees
NEWS ARTICLE | New Hampshire - Cities and towns are struggling to keep up with increases in the amounts they're tasked with contributing to the state retirement system, and advocates for pensions argue retirees need a seat at the table.

Education, Research, and Studies
Catch a Recap of the 2020 NCPERS Public Retirement Systems Study Webinar Presentation
VIDEO - On Feb. 16, the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems hosted its webinar on the 2020 NCPERS Public Retirement Systems Study. The study reflects how public pension trustees, managers, and administrators are constantly pursuing fiscal and operational improvements. 

77% of Americans Support Pensions for All Workers: Study
NEWS RELEASE - A new national survey finds that 77 percent of Americans agree that all workers, not just those working for state and local government, should have a pension. And even though the nation is deeply divided on many other issues, support for pensions is consistent across party lines. Eighty percent of Democrats, 75 percent of Republicans and 78 percent of Independents agree that all workers should have access to a pension.

Debt Burdens Have Grown For Retirees Who Score Higher on Simple Memory and Math Tests
BLOG POST - A new study finds that debt burdens have grown for older workers and retirees in recent decades. But this isn’t the first research to reach that conclusion.

What is new is whose debt burden is increasing the most: the people who score higher on simple memory and math tests.

State & U.S. Economy & Investments
Higher Education Officials Urge Legislature to Invest in Colleges and Universities After Pandemic Takes Toll on Students and Economy
NEWS ARTICLE - As the Legislature grapples with a struggling pandemic economy and the impact of an unprecedented winter storm, higher education advocates are vying for lawmakers’ attention, trying to make the case for more investment in colleges and universities.

Federal Reserve Bank Report Shows
Improving Economy in Texas
NEWS ARTICLE - A report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas painted a rosy outlook for Texas' economy.

While the Texas Economy Grows, the Business Court System is Lost in the 20th Century
OPINION - A specialized business court would entice corporations not only to move to Texas, but also to incorporate here.

Jerome Powell Predicts 'Very Strong' Economic Growth as U.S. Recovers from COVID Crash
NEWS ARTICLE - The Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he expected U.S. economic growth to be "very strong" in the second half of this year as the country works its way out of the COVID-19 crash and tough lockdown measures.

Coming U.S. Economic Boom Seen
Boosting Vietnam Most in Asia
NEWS ARTICLE - A surging U.S. economy on the back of massive stimulus and pent-up demand will benefit exporters in Asia, with Vietnam receiving the biggest windfall, according to Bloomberg Economics.

Video: Emotional and Financial Toll on Grandparents as Substitute Parents
BLOG POST - In 2015, the journal Pediatrics estimated some 3 million children were living with grandparents – and the number is certainly higher today. Grandparents find themselves in a caregiving role in the aftermath of parents’ myriad personal traumas, including opioid addiction, suicide, incarceration, and now COVID-19.

In this excellent PBS NewsHour video, “Grandfamilies,” grandparents tell journalist Stephanie Sy about the financial and emotional toll of caring for children. Despite the challenges, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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