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Next Thursday, October 28th at 7:00 pm VOACC is proud to present the first session of our 2021 - 2022 Healing Conversation.

This year's series will revolve around the main topic of "The Wisdom of Healing Through...." Each month we will explore a different aspect of the topic. Next Thursday we will have a conversation on The Wisdom of Healing Through Mindfulness.

The intent of our Healing Conversations is to engage in safe and engaging conversations that inspire healing, hope, and awareness around issues that impact our own lives and the lives of others within our communities.

A benefit of mindfulness is having less emotional reactivity and more stability of mind. Not embellishing dramatically brings enhanced mental clarity, which is healthy in and of itself. Having steadiness of mind makes us better able to cope with the experience of illness and all it involves. That is a very important and constructive result. It’s comparatively better that you bring awareness to any state you happen to be in.

Mindfulness helps us to take prudent and astute action, which is vitally important if you want to participate in your own healing process.

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Candace Vanderwater
Candace is Commissioned Minister of Volunteers of America and serves as the Chief Operating Officer for VOACC. She graduated from Illinois Benedictine College in Lisle, IL with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, minor in Social Work, earned a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Indiana University and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

Candace recently completed a master's
degree in business at The University of Notre Dame, Executive Master of Science in Non-Profit Administration (MNA). She has been in the field of Health and Human Services for over 28 years and has been with VOACC for over 10 years. She loves her work at VOA and is very proud of the work we do for our communities.
Dr. Brad Johnson
CEO and owner of Communic8 Life Consulting; a communication consulting firm that specializes in helping couples, families, and business teams develop better interpersonal communication skills through virtual sessions and workshops.

Using the pen name BJ Communicates, he consistently releases a gambit of music, podcasts, books, and digital platform shows aimed at inspiring and encouraging urban people.
Along with his wife Quiana, he is the Co-Pastor of the urban cafe church Transformed City Church in Richmond, VA where their focus is helping believers learn, heal, and become everything God had intended them to be.
Trenessa Coffey Annibal
A native of Ellicott City, she is a Fulbright Grant recipient, and a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University, American University, and The American Graduate School of International Relations & Diplomacy in Paris, France.

Trenessa is fluent in French and holds a degree in Psychology and a Master’s and MBA in International Business and International Relations. She lived/studied in Europe for 7 years and has travelled to over 25 countries.
She is a talented actress having performed at Center Stage and the Arena Playhouse in Baltimore, as well as on local/national television. She is also a successful entrepreneur.
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