June 2021
Help Me I’m Falling 
Hello! Hello!

Recently, a financial reporter reached out to us with a query on Savings Mistakes to Avoid During Times of Inflation. Since the get, WMGNA has said inflation is the black hole of the investment world. The problem with the premise of the reporter’s question is that if we knew “where to be and when” as it pertains to inflation, “market corrections”... interest rates, real estate, tax policy, etc...everyone would know our name (not just in West Hartford-->Dan) and we would be the richest people in the world...unfortunately we are not and have never met anyone who is! Once you feel the suction of inflation the only thing that happens...is getting sucked in. It is too late; gravity is a B! The best way to maximize the realities that exist and make smart choices with your $$$ is to have an Up-To-Date well thought out Plan. Part of that plan is to have an Investment Policy that accounts for the unexpected like inflation...prior to such events! We have found that a Plan that focuses on candid goals and objectives, cash flow, taxes, family guarantees, and risk tolerance, gives folks the best chance for success and by its nature is proactive and considers the potential of a high inflation environment, among other things! 

Planning is key. We all want to believe that there is such a person who knows where to be and when...logic dictates otherwise. We only worry about things that we can control! Because as we have said earlier in this article and for over 25 years, if there was such a person, we would all know her name!  

Talk soon. Keep The Faith. 

Each year in June, we nationally celebrate Father’s Day. It is a whole day dedicated to appreciating those who serve the vital-role of being a father figure in our lives. Along with cherishing our fathers and Independence Day around the corner, you might want to consider donating to families who have a father figure serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. This month’s charity “Fisher House Foundation” builds comfort homes where military & veteran families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital. Display your nationhood and appreciation for father figures this July 4th by helping a veteran’s family. 

Celebrating Stacee & Terry's move to Virginia where she will continue as a virtual WMGNA employee
The Friedman Boys with their Old Man
(Jordan, Dan, Maxwell, Shea)
Orli & Ariel
Celebrating Father's Day
Coolest Dad Brian
Beth’s daughter Emily graduated
from Hall HS
1st Place in French Ring Trial
Darlene and her dog Indy
Last Day of School Picture
Orli (2nd Grade) & Ariel (1st Grade)
Dan and his Father
Brian's daughter Ariel at Baseball Camp

As we grow and evolve, we want to ensure that our subscribers continue receiving the same impeccable service and attention they are accustomed to. We call this “the WMGNA way.” With that, we have made the decision to limit the number of new relationships that we take this year to 10 families. We have 6.5 spots left for 2021! So, if/when someone near and dear can benefit from a Tax-Out subscription and wants to chat to find out if we are a good fit, simply have them contact us!
It has truly been our pleasure to serve you! We look forward to continuing to do so. We take to heart the trust and confidence that you have placed in WMGNA. 
Talk Soon & Keep The Faith
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