Passionate Purpose

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Starts April 15th and is offered only once a year.
Are you ready to discover your calling, and have the health and vitality to pursue it?
Passionate Purpose, Vibrant Health! A 30-Day at-home experience with Dr. Margaret Paul, to discover your passionate purpose, enhance creativity, and create a joyful, vibrantly healthy life!  
"The other Inner Bonding courses I've done have been amazing & created so much change but this one for me is another level - it's just phenomenal. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Rather than just having the knowledge of Inner Bonding it's now becoming integrated on a daily basis & the few things I've been stuck on for years are gradually becoming unstuck - so I look forward to continuing the journey." -Sarah
"The changes that I have experienced in myself are profound....Before doing the Passionate Purpose course I was all over the place. I was looking to work for myself in several different areas, but wasn't sure what I should be focused on, as I had no idea what I'm really here to do. Through this powerful process, which is so well supported by Dr. Margaret, I now know what my purpose is on this planet, who I am, who I've always been." Jame Forkert, New Zealand
"This passionate purpose course has been really life changing....I feel like myself a lot more and I have rediscovered my passionate self again and lots of purpose in life in many different ways." ~O.L.
  Heal Your Blocks To Being All You Can Be!
  • Have you struggled with discovering your passion, your purpose, your calling? 
  • Has low energy stopped you from doing what your heart desires?
  • Have you had a hard time feeling motivated to make a change in your life?
  • Do you feel blocked in your creativity?
  • Are you ready to learn how to discover your passionate purpose and create a vibrantly healthy, creative, joyful life?
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"'Passionate Purpose'  gave me the crucial realisations about the blocks preventing me from living a purposeful life. It helped me to remember myself, to find the way home where my love for life and my long lost motivation was buried. Having lost my true purpose decades ago, I used to be like a leaf floating in space, dependent on the happenings around me. Thanks to this course, not only I know and feel now that I am here for a reason, but also I am filled with deep gratitude and creative fire to manifest my purpose. I absolutely loved it." -Anik├│

"I..have felt there was something more I wanted to give, to serve, something had been percolating for a long time, but I didn't know what it was. As I did the course and continued to be in the moment and to love myself the best I can in each moment...this past week, while sitting for meditation, it came to me in my heart area...I knew finally that I had come home. All the pieces of myself came together and I felt tremendous peace." ~Laura Weinberg 
"I have taken a number of Inner bonding courses and was amazed and delighted with the Passionate Purpose Vibrant Health program. It is  rich with new information that one will not easily access anywhere else. Dr. Paul touches on topics that have one delve deep and as a result  enhance ones growth. I would highly recommend this course it's a real gem, and I would definitely consider taking it again later on down the road it's that special." -Karen J. 
In this course - which will take only about 15-20 minutes a day - you're going to discover how to access the Divine Blueprint for your passionate purpose on the planet. You're going to learn how to create the vibrant health and high energy you need to manifest your passionate purpose, and how to access your natural creativity.
People learn in different ways. Some people learn by seeing, some by hearing, and some by reading, and some in all of these ways. You will have an opportunity to learn in all of these ways, because here is what you will be receiving in this course:
  • Each day, for 30 days, you will be receiving an email from me that contains an article and an action step for you to take that day. Each simple action step, which you will be able to easily integrate into your day, will gradually lead you toward accessing your Divine Blueprint and your passionate, healthy, creative joyful life.
  • A number of times each week you will receive a 2-5 minute video or a 3-6 minute visualization that will support you in your healing process. I've created these videos and visualizations just for this course.
  • There will be a special forum that I've created just for this group. In this forum of compassionate and caring people, you will be able to share your experience and receive help from each other and from me.
  • In the forum you can ask your questions, and once a week we will have a live coaching call, where I will be answering your questions and helping you with your healing process.
  • If you can't make the call at that time, don't worry! I will be answering your questions that you asked in the forum and you will be receiving a recording of the coaching call.
"I want to thank you for this beautiful course which has helped me so much in uncovering more false beliefs about myself and discovering my core self and my passionate purpose....I can see where it might be taking me: to my joy and my gift that I was born with but had buried inside." ~Mine
"I am so thankful for this course and our time together. I notice much of what I have asked about are the things that have been blocks to my passionate purpose. To be able to speak of these things has been incredible medicine and healing. I find I am healing like multiple chords in a song all being played simultaneously." ~ Lotusyesha
Cost is $199. Space is limited! Don't delay!

Come join me in this life-changing course!
Blessings to you,
Margaret Paul, PhD
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