Council to discuss potential ballot measure at public hearing

Based on the results of the public engagement process and statistically valid survey conducted over the past year, the City heard that the priority of the community is to maintain Durango's quality of life and services offered.

Knowing the community feedback, as well as the projected budgetary shortfall, the Durango City Council is considering moving forward with a ballot measure.  The goal of the ballot measure would be to raise revenue to address the structural deficit in the City's General Fund. 

City Council has discussed that the additional funding could be used for funding police, public safety and code enforcement; the construction, operations, and maintenance of a police station and other city buildings and facilities; and the construction and maintenance of streets, alleys, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and related street improvements. 

A public hearing will be held tomorrow, August 21 at 6:30 pm at City Hall during the upcoming City Council meeting to discuss this potential ballot measure. 

Join us for the remaining Clean Commute Week events! 
As a reminder, Float to Work Day is cancelled.  T he City of Durango's Float to Work Day, originally scheduled for August 24, has been cancelled this year. As part of the response to the 416 fire in June, the City of Durango rescheduled a number of Clean Commute Week events for later in the summer when air quality conditions would be more favorable. During that process, future impacts to the river were unknown, and priority was given to rescheduling the other Clean Commute Week events.

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For more information, please visit or call (970) 375-4955. 
College and 8th Safety Project Public Meeting September 12

Cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists share the busy College Drive corridor.
The City of Durango is considering a lane reconfiguration to improve safety along College Drive from East 3rd Avenue to East 8th Avenue and along East 8th Avenue from 2nd Street to College Drive. 
This "L" shaped corridor underwent a  traffic study in 2016  to analyze the feasibility and potential impacts of implementing a lane reconfiguration.

Russell Planning & Engineering is in the beginning phases of design for this project. Design and engineering began in early 2018, and construction is anticipated in 2021. 

Join us at the first public meeting for the College and 8th Safety Project on Wednesday, September 12 from 6:30-8:30 PM at Park Elementary School! Interactive stations and a presentation will provide information on this important project. Let your voice be heard on how you'd like safety and accessibility improved!

Watch this video to learn how a lane reconfiguration increases safety.

Anticipated Total Project Cost: $2.1 million
Project Grant Funding: Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Grant $779,877 and FASTER Grant $300,000
Local Match Total (2015 Half Cent Sales and Use Tax Fund): $1,020,123

For more information, visit

Morning commuters to Fort Lewis College can catch the FLC Commuter Express Route, beginning on Monday, August 27. The Express Route will depart from North City Market once a day during the FLC school year, Monday-Friday at 7:30 am. 

The route will serve Durango Transit stops in the Riverview neighborhood, and northbound along Florida Road and North College Drive. For more information, visit the Durango Transit  Rider's Guide

August's Share the Road Tip: Slow Down!

Have you ever passed the "drive like your kids live here" signs on North College Drive, and thought to, I need to slow down! If so, you likely do! 

With school starting, it's more important than ever for drivers to slow down and pay attention when kids are present -- especially before and after school!

Slowing down while driving on our city streets is a great way to be safer, not only for yourself but also for others who use the roadway. Did you know a 3 mile per hour reduction in speed can lead to at least a 15% decrease in crashes? 

In addition to reducing crashes, here are a few more reasons to slow down.
  1. First off, save gas!  The best ways to save gas (besides driving less or driving a fuel-efficient vehicle) are to avoid excessive idling, more gradual accelerating and decelerating, and driving slower.
  2. Next, start earlier! Start out a few minutes early and you'll arrive at the same time as someone who drove faster but started later, and you'll arrive much happier than that person to boot.
  3. Lastly, save your sanity by simplifying your life. Driving slower can reduce the headache of accidents and speeding tickets, going to the gas station too often, while reducing the hectic pace of life. 
Just slow down. That's the message from many safety organizations around the world.

Read more tips on how to safely share the road. 
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Commuter of the Month

Mary Stoffel rides Durango Transit every day. 

Mary says "I do not own a vehicle, so I rely on public transportation and my feet. Whether I'm on the bus, or Animas River Trail, I get to enjoy the beauty of Durango and the people in my neighborhood. The very best part of Durango Transit is the drivers!" 

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