Registration for Spring2ACTion 2020 is Open
Let's raise $2M+ on April 29, 2020!

Register your organization by January 27th to be entered to win a $25 gift card from Alexandria Restaurant Partners. Drawing will be at the FIRST Spring2ACTion training on January 28th.
For our 10 year anniversary, we are planning extensive marketing, advertising and outreach, matches and prizes, live training sessions and useful resource materials to help you build capacity and reach new donors. There will be a nominal nonprofit participation fee of $30 to make this important day sustainable, while growing the reach and impact of the campaign.  Learn more here
"Making Spring2ACTion Work for You" Workshop
THIS TUESDAY, January 28th from 9-10:30am
Led by fundraising expert Maureen Devine-Ahl, this training we'll cover how to build a Spring2ACTion plan that is unique to your organization, achieves your goals, and aligns with the resources you can commit. With working time to complete a "Goal Setting Canvas," you'll leave this workshop with an outline of your campaign goals and framework.

Spring2ACTion is just one day on a larger donor journey. We will provide the tools and resources to sketch out a "Donor Journey Map" to guide your plan for your donors year-round.
About Maureen Devine-Ahl
Maureen is an energetic leader, fundraising professional, and passionate advocate for the health and well-being of the social sector. In 2014, she founded MK Fundraising Solutions, a full-service development consulting firm, and since then has partnered with more than 20 national and international non-profit organizations to strategize, energize, and improve outcomes.
Need to Update Your Spring2ACTion Administrator?
Email if you need to remove or update admin profiles and permissions in your account. Keeping this information up-to-date will safeguard access to your organization and donation information. 
Businesses have an opportunity to participate as a Spring2ACTion Business Fundraiser.  

Spring2ACTion  provides an easy and quick way to engage employees, customers, and vendors to give to causes they are passionate about, and spread generosity together. There is even a little friendly competition among the participating businesses!  

If you know of any Alexandria businesses that might be interested in participating in this way with Spring2ACTion, we make it easy. 

Click here for more information on Business Fundraisers or contact Celeste Flores at .

All January, Sugar Shack Donuts = Donations to ACT
For the month of January, Sugar Shack will donate 5 cents per donut to ACT. Be sure to stop by Sugar Shack this month to show your support!

Questions about Spring2ACTion? Contact Brandi Yee at