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This month's email is all about how the prices are still going up, even next year. If you sell, buy again just to keep your foot in the door, or buy if you can, you will make money during next year.
New Listing
5 Beds/ 4.5 Baths
Pool, Loft, 3 Car Garage
2869 Segovia Way
Carlsbad, CA 92009

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Just check these numbers out. The number of listings, pendings and sales are 30% down but the price has gone up 30%
from last year.
What Do Supply and Demand Tell Us About Today’s Housing Market?
There’s a well-known economic theory – the law of supply and demand – that explains what’s happening with prices in the current real estate market. Put simply, when demand for an item is high, prices rise. When the supply of the item increases, prices fall. Of course, when demand is very high and supply is very low, prices can rise significantly. Read More
More happy Clients!
First time buyers that now have their foot in the
property market door.
So proud they took the plunge and trusted me.

Vendor Referral of the Month

I highly recommend Paul. He is very professional, honest and gives great advice.
Call him if you are looking for Termite Inspection

Paul Schott 760-802-5472
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