SeaKeepers Celebrates 25th Anniversary Year
The International SeaKeepers Society is excited to announce the celebration of its 25th anniversary year. Founded in Monaco in 1998, SeaKeepers began as a group of yacht owners who realized they shared more than just a passion for yachting and were also concerned about the deteriorating condition of the world’s oceans. Today we continue this legacy through our DISCOVERY Yacht Program. To learn more about our mission, click here.
Team USA 50 Racing Supports SeaKeepers Mission Worldwide
SeaKeepers is excited and honored to announce our new partnership with Sarah Newberry-Moore and David Liebenberg of USA Racing!

Team members Sarah Newberry-Moore and David Liebenberg are representing the United States and sailors everywhere in their advocacy for the protection and restoration of our ocean. 
Bradford Marine Becomes First US Marina Partner
SeaKeepers is thrilled to announce our first US marina partnership with Bradford Marine.

Through this collaboration, we look forward to highlighting Bradford's efforts in becoming a sustainable marina and encouraging green boating amongst its constituents.
SeaKeepers UK Launch
Join The International SeaKeepers Society in celebrating the expansion of our mission to the UK on 13th May 2023 at RNLI College. The evening will highlight our recent partnerships and programming activities in the UK & Europe.
Junior SeaKeepers Program
The Junior SeaKeepers Program is an education program for high school students in grades 10-12 that involves conducting scientific research and learning about marine science from local experts, with the goal of empowering young people to understand and address the challenges facing the oceans. The deadline to apply for the Spring program is January 28th, 2023 and the program beings February 1st.
Neuston Net Methodology Testing
December 12-14, 2022
Dr. Rebecca Helm tested current collection methods of the Neuston Net Research Collective along with Dr. Deb Goodwin. The tests were conducted in Miami, aboard DISCOVERY Vessel M’Powered.
Sediment Sampling for Sulfide
September - October 2022
Dr. Chris Langdon collected sediment core samples containing water to determine the levels of sulfide present and investigate fish and seagrass die-off in North Biscayne Bay, aboard SeaKeepers' Vessel DISCOVERY.
Scientific Shark Research Dive
December 9, 2022
SeaKeepers collaborated with the American Shark Conservancy and The Earth Species Project in field research. This was aboard the DISCOVERY Vessel Bottom Line and Ghost Drifter in Palm Beach County, Florida.
Humpback Whale Research & Training
September 27 - October 4, 2022
SeaKeepers partnered with the University of Southern California in logging and sampling humpback whales in their natural habitat in Monterey Bay, California, aboard DISCOVERY Yacht Valkyrie.
Assessing Discarded Dredge Material
September 23, 2022
SeaKeepers partnered with Nova Southeastern University in observing the impact of dredging Port Everglades on the health of surrounding Florida reefs, aboard DISCOVERY Yacht Surface Interval.
Circularity Assessment Protocol
September 9, 2022
SeaKeepers collaborated with the University of Georgia to assess the city's circularity and collect data on pollution in the waterways. This study was done aboard SeaKeepers' Vessel DISCOVERY the in Key Largo, Florida.
Classroom Visit
January 11, 2023
SeaKeepers partnered with Blue Scholars Initiative in facilitating in-classroom marine science lessons to three classes of English and Spanish-speaking fourth-grade students with Silver Bluff Elementary.
Monthly Beach Cleanup
November 29, 2022
SeaKeepers cohosted a cleanup with American Airlines and Citibank at South Beach with 68 volunteers that collected 65 pounds of trash and used the Clean Swell App to document the findings.
Monthly Beach Cleanup
December 10, 2022
SeaKeepers partnered with Blue Scholars Initiative and The Plastic Fisherman in a cleanup. Forty-four volunteers collected 84 pounds of trash in Hobie Beach and used the Clean Swell App to document the findings.
Floating Classroom
October 25, 2022
SeaKeepers partnered with Watersports Association and Ocean Conservancy in a floating classroom with a group from Hermés to learn about Biscayne Bay aboard DISCOVERY Vessel River Queen.
SeaKeepers Katie Sheahan is Published in Springer Magazine

In December, SeaKeeper's Citizen Science Manager, Katie Sheahan had her study published in Springer Magazine. This study examined whether it is possible to transfer algae that live inside certain sea creatures (called "Cnidarians") to Cnidarians that have lost their algae due to changes in ocean temperature. The researchers found that Cnidarians that had lost their algae were able to get it back from healthy Cnidarians of the same species, but it was not clear if they could get it back from Cnidarians of a different species. This information could help with efforts to restore coral reefs that have been damaged by changes in ocean temperature.
Katie Sheehan, Citizen Science Manager
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