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We appreciate the time you were with us as a member of the American College for Advan cement in Medicine (ACAM) and would love to have you remain part of our community. ACAM receives hundreds of phone calls each week from potential patients looking for practitioners in their area. We can't refer them to you without your membership - please consider rejoining ACAM today! 
  • ACAM members report a 12% higher income than other association members*
  • 44% report and increase in pay due to their decision to practice integrative medicine, compared to 19% of others polled*
  • 74% of ACAM's members treat 71-100% of their patients integratively, compared to 52% of other associations*

We have revamped our membership categories as well as member benefits - ACAM is better than ever before and want to call you a member of its community once again. VIEW DETAILED INFORMATION
ACAM Educating Leaders Since 1973

Our commitment to education is our highest priority-we seek to attract the best and brightest minds in the industry for both our annual meetings, webinars and hands-on practicums. Our aim is to 
provide affordable, real-time protocols that can be implemented immediately in the practice.  ACAM's protocols are widely regarded as the industry standard and quoted regularly.
  • Certify in Chelation with ACAM's Chelation Advanced Provider (CAP-CCT) Training
  • Attend ACAM's 2017 Meeting: Integrative Approaches to Complex Infections in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Treat Patient Obesity with ACAM's exclusive medical weight loss webinar series 
  • ACAM White Papers for use in your practice on topics relevant to you & your patients
  • Coming Soon! ACAM Integrative Medicine Bootcamp Training Series
  • More!


American College for Advancement in Medicine
Liz Pullman, Association Manager

*Information taken from the Susan Haegar Integrative Medicine Marketing Survey of over 1,000 association members.