Special Event

Once again, Praise and Worship Committee at FUMC will be ordering poinsettias for Christmas.
If you would like to be a part of adorning our worship spaces in beautiful poinsettias, please complete the card on the table & attach your check, drop it in the offering plate or in the church office.
FW Gross Giving Tree
Christmas is here.   This will be our 3rd year providing gifts for the children of FW Gross Elementary. Each year, the members of this church manage to put a big smile on the face of every single child at the school. Every. Single. Child. Seeing the joy on their faces each year as Santa and his Elf deliver the gifts and the never ending supply of love from FUMC is priceless. Please plan to continue this tradition - the giving tree is in the Crossroads.

Your Twice Blessed


Communion Rail Offering for December
The first meals of peanut butter and honey sandwiches were served by a group of Methodist women on March 18, 1985.
Christ's Kitchen is a nonprofit organization, taking no government funds.Serving meals to those in need.
FUMC is hiring
The nursery at First United Methodist Church, Victoria needs part time employees on Sunday mornings from 8am - 12:30pm Employees may be required to work other events during the month.
Contact Nursery Coordinator, Bri Robertson, for more information at 361-759-0211

Grace & Peace,
First United Methodist Church Victoria Texas