Don't miss the Valley Visioning public workshops!
We appreciate all those who have attended our public workshops so far. We've had a blast getting to know you and hearing about your vision for the future of Utah County!

If you haven't been able to make it yet, please check out the details of our remaining workshops below. Come give your input on how Utah County should grow—and don't forget to bring your friends and family!

Can't make it to a workshop? No worries! You can still take the Valley Visioning survey and tell us how you think Utah County should grow.
Project Background

The Valley Vision will play a critical role over the coming decades as Utah Valley adds more than one million residents—85 percent of that growth coming from our own families. Thank you for your support and participation as we work to help Utah Valley residents create a vision for the future of the region.

Moving forward, the Valley Visioning team will compile data received from the public input workshops to create a series of scenarios of how growth in Utah County could occur. The public will then weigh in on those scenarios, resulting in a preferred vision for the future for community, business, and government leaders to use as they plan to accommodate growth heading to the county.
Point of the Mountain Vision: Phase Three Complete
The Point of the Mountain Development Commission recently met to review our Phase 3 Report on implementation. Over the past several months, we’ve been meeting with cities, transportation agencies, and landowners to promote the publicly-supported vision for the area. And we're pleased to report that many of the proposed transportation projects are now included in regional transportation plans!

An alternative analysis for extending TRAX through the current prison site is about to launch and we are putting a team together to evaluate the proposed funding strategies for the TRAX Blue Line and Mountain View Corridor extensions. Stay tuned for more updates as we work to make your vision for the Point of the Mountain a reality!  
Do you know your vehicle's smog rating? We designed a window sticker to help
Over the past several months we've been working with our Clean Air Implementation Team to design a window sticker for new cars that will help buyers understand the EPA smog rating system and how buying decisions affect local air quality.

The sticker supports the current EPA window sticker and visually explains each vehicle's individual smog rating—including how it compares to other cars on the lot. The sticker also breaks down where our current emissions come from (about half come from cars and trucks). Click here for a PDF version for a car with a smog rating of 5.

Mark Miller Toyota has agreed to pilot the window stickers during the coming months. If the program is successful in helping potential car buyers purchase cleaner vehicles, we hope to expand to dealerships across the state.

The more clean cars we can get on the road, the better our air will be! So if you or anyone you know is looking to buy a car soon, make sure they know its smog rating.
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In the news
Deseret News
Utah County residents say high moral fiber and safe neighborhoods are the most critical building blocks to maintain high quality of life as leaders start planning for an expected 1 million new residents in the valley in coming decades.

Daily Herald
Envision Utah released preliminary results of its Utah Valley Visioning survey this week, and hopes to add as much community input to the results as possible.

Deseret News
Extending the Mountain View Corridor and TRAX Blue Line south to Lehi were once thought to be aspirational plans that were decades away.
But now with a proposed $2.5 billion funding plan unveiled Thursday, construction could start in just a couple of years.

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