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Do you know a parent who is struggling to cook dinner every night? Or someone recovering from an injury or illness? A young, curious future chef? Give them the gift of expert chefs who can work one on one with them and deliver flavor AND health.
~ Chef Spotlight - Featuring California Chefs ~
Whole Health Everyday chefs are not your ordinary chefs!
Our chefs are focused on health. They have top safety certifications, continually stay educated and trained on new health and food knowledge, and are passionate about working one on one with clients to give them the best food for them!
Chef Jorge- Orange County, CA
What inspired you to become a chef? 
"Well, Food Network actually did. I don’t come from a long line of great and inspirational cooks like most that enter this industry. But something about food spoke to me. I was actually taking courses to get into the engineering field but didn’t seem to really like it…it was just a choice because of the lifestyle it could provide. I made a decision after watching seasons and seasons of Iron Chef Japan to persue culinary. I found myself very quickly realizing I had a natural talent for cooking. I understood techniques and methods and it finally made sense to me. I studied under the Le Cordon Bleu Program at the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena. Received my acalates and jumped right into what I fell in love with. Now I find myself starting the newest chapter of my life!" - Chef Jorge
Chef Lizz - Orange County, CA
Chef Lizz has spent sixteen of her eighteen year career as a chef specializing in plant-based diets. She has kept up with every diet, food, and allergen trend, especially those focused on seasonal and local vegetables. She is always eager to learn more.

Her own health focus is geared towards seasonality, eating local, and utilizing traditional food techniques such as fermentation, pickling, curing etc. and abundant herbs in food. 

Specialty Diet Cuisine expertise: Plant-Based, Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan, Macrobiotic Vegan/Vegetarian/Pescatarian, Paleo-vegan, keto-vegan, Low Salt, Low-Fodmap, and many more!
Holidays and appetizers go hand in hand. Chef Frances's Romesco Shrimp Crostini with Cilantro Oil are delectable bites full of fresh flavors like cilantro and garlic.
~ Partner Spotlight~
WHE works with your clients to keep them on track with your recommended plans.
The Healing Sanctuary seeks to help clients find and maintain their health with services like health coaching, acupuncture, herbal therapy, weight loss management, yoga, BHRT and more! See The Healing Sanctuary You Tube page for an interview with chef Rebecca, owner of Whole Health Everyday
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Our chefs are always cooking up something new, delicious, and of course, healthy! Check out the greatest phots this month

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At Whole Health Everyday, we are constantly educating ourselves on the latest information in the food and health industries, check out what our chefs are reading lately.

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