The Comet's Tale  
ASTEC enrollment is underway!
It's time to look ahead to the next school year at ASTEC Charter Schools! Part of that is making sure you complete and turn in your enrollment application for the 2017/18 school year.

Whether you're a current student, the sibling of one, a perspective student or a transfer student, go online and fill out an application. You can submit it online or print it and submit it to your school secretary.

The 2017/18 will likely have fewer spots for ASTEC scholars, and enrollment is first come, first served. If more scholars apply than the school has spots for, a lottery for enrollment will be held. 

What are you famous for?
Bring it to talent show auditions! 
ASTEC's got talent and now is your chance to show off yours! Auditions for our upcoming talent show are Wednesday, Feb. 22 and Friday, Feb. 24. The show is Feb. 28. 

Teachers aren't excluded! If you're an employee with some fabulous jazz hands, slam poetry or other  talent you'd like to show off, you're invited to audition, too! 

Whether you juggle, sing, dance, rap, make magic or are a master hula-hooper, ASTEC scholars and faculty are full of hidden talents. 

Don't be shy; you could get discovered and make it big!

For more information, contact Mr. Perkins. Email him here. 

Don't forget this delicious ASTEC event! 
OKC Museum of Art is an eyeful of inspiration
Ms. Lowe's art class recently took a field trip to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art where they experienced fine arts of all sorts, including the museum's fabulous permanent exhibit by Dale Chihuly, "Dale Chihuly, Magic and Light."

If you haven't been to the museum, Chihuly's 55-foot "Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower" that looms in the museum's atrium is a beacon of the fantasia of Chihuly's work to be found inside. Looks like Ms. Lowe's students were inspired by what they saw!
Get free immunizations at ASTEC
The  Oklahoma Caring Foundation, Inc. will be on site here at ASTEC on Tuesday, Feb. 28 to help make sure all ASTEC students have all the immunizations they need to attend public schools and even to go off to college.

The Oklahoma Caring Foundation is designed to eliminate barriers that commonly prevent children from receiving on-time, age-appropriate immunizations in traditional health care settings. Therefore, the Caring Foundation delivers life-saving immunizations to children at no cost through on-site clinics at schools. Some of the free immunizations offered: flu, MCV4 for seniors going to college, and other vaccinations students may need.

In order to participate, please have your child pick-up the application with the attached school consent form at the middle school front office or the high school front office. Complete the application, sign the school consent form and return the forms to your child’s first hour teacher class by February 24.  

Graphic novels are a great reading tool
Parents may shake their heads when they see their teens reading graphic novels. 

"Comic books?" they may think. "What can a kid learn from comics?"

Experts in reading development, however, contend that reading graphic novels (which are illustrated novels, similar to comic books), help improve student's reading skills. 

According to many experts, including Ed Smith, ASTEC Charter Schools' Testing Coordinator, graphic novels can be some of the best tools to teach languages to new readers.

"There is a seemingly universal quality amongst students to gravitate toward books with pictures. Often, we tend to discourage students from choosing illustrated works, graphic novels, and comics as their free-reading. We cite a myriad of reasons for not allowing these as choice reading from vocabulary to the simple childish nature of the work," Smith says. 

"Just like children's books, graphic novels provide visual support to reinforce language development. From a variety of dialogue bubble shapes and text types to convey feelings to award winning illustrations, graphic novels provide meaningful and accessible support to language development."

Do make sure the graphic novels your teens and preteens read are age-appropriate. There are some graphic novels out there that can get a little too graphic! 

EdCamps offer professional development, prizes

EdcampOKC 2017 will be Saturday, March 4, 2017, at Del City High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

An EdCamp is a free “un-conference” for educators to share ideas, collaborate and network together. EdCamps are based on the BarCamp and TeachMeet  conference models. 

The EdCamp Foundation received a $2 million grant from the Gates Foundation in the summer of 2015 and continues to grow nationally.

What: EdCamp OKC is an "unconference" devoted to K-20 education idea sharing 
When:Saturday, March 4, 2017
Where: Location: Del City High School, 1900 S Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73115 
Cost: Free 

Click here for more information!   Register free on EventBrite
This two-minute video from EdCamp, made at Oklahoma City's July 2015 meeting, gives an overview of what makes EdCamps such great learning events for educators. EdCampOKSDE was the largest EdCamp ever in the United States (as far as we know) with over 900 participants!
Edibles and Activities


February 20 to February 24, 2017

All meals include fresh fruit. All breakfast meals include milk or juice and cereal as a choice. All lunch meals include milk or water and salad bar.


 Breakfast: Pancake on a stick

 Lunch: Homemade burrito, pinto  beans, chips and salsa


 Breakfast: Biscuit and gravy

 Lunch: Cheeseburger, carrot sticks,  ranch and Nacho Cheese Doritos 


 Breakfast: Waffle, scrambled eggs

 Lunch: Ham and cheese sub, Italian  salad, chips


 Breakfast:English muffin with  sausage, egg and cheese

 Lunch: BBQ pulled pork, baked potato, green beans, dinner roll


 Breakfast: Cinnamon roll

 Lunch: Popcorn chicken, mashed  potatoes and gravy, dinner roll

Mark Your Calendar!

February 20 to February 25, 2017

Feb. 21 - Science & Technology Night 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at ASTEC Auditorium

Feb. 22  - Ninth-Grade Orientation 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Feb. 25- Bowling Regional Tournaments
TBA - see Mr. Tremain for more details

Feb. 25  - Technology Engineering Aptitude Workshop
(Selected 7th and 8th grade scholars) 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Metro Career Tech campus