Boss Dolls are getting ready for their closeup!
The Boss Doll department of the Dollhouse is officially open for business!
Lunch & Learn Atlanta
Dolls, adjust your GPS Directions! "Boss Doll" Lunch & Learn Has a New Location:
Due to a wedding party growing around all spaces of Mojave, to avoid the party noise, I've made a  #boss  move!
Bonefish Grill
Akers Mill 2997 Cobb Pkwy SE.
Atlanta, GA. 30339
Phone: (678)- 202-3394
Menu: With options for vegetarians and meat lovers, the menu accommodates those with fish and gluten allergies. When you arrive, just ask the hostess to direct you to The Boss Dolls dining room. See hue there, Boss!
XO, Mama Doll
(404) 660-7363
After interviewing the first group of potential Black Doll Affair [BDA] 'Boss Dolls', I am stoked to announce my first round draft picks! With the vision for THE MOST Boss league in the Doll business, these women are shining stars! You've heard of the Ambassadolls! Well, meet these AmBossadolls!

Chekena Carter , Phoenix, Arizona
Felicia Roberts  , Douglasville, Georgia
Jada Mister , Ithaca, New York
Karen Grey , Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Shelley Coulter , Kansas City, Kansas
Tee Jay , Roswell, Georgia

About The Black Doll Affair Boss Doll Program: After 12 years of The Black Doll Affair, I've opened the doors of the new License & Sales department in the BDA dollhouse: It is with gratitude towards my members, that I do.

With the name brand The Black Dolls helped to change the world for black women and girls, embed in pop culture and attract Hollywood's finest [such as Honorary Black Doll Affair Dolls: Apryl Reign, Barbie Gabriel Union, Misty Copeland, Danny Strong and Taye name drop a few], the wheels are officially in motion sharing The Black Doll Affair brand with Black Dolls qualified to handle business!

The Black Doll Affair 'Boss' Doll program allows qualified BDA members to pull a License or Sales Permit to make money via our trusted brand name brand. Black Dolls wanting to change the way black women and girls are perceived, more importantly, perceive themselves AND make more money, this just might be the answer to your dreams of entrepreneurship!

Is this a franchise opportunity? No. In a franchise the franchisee uses a company's business model and brand to run their own business, as an independent entity. In this working relationship, The Black Doll Affair allows qualified members to sell services and products owned by The Black Doll Affair.

Like Mary Kay, I'm empowering women to become entrepreneurs via my twelve-year-old beloved brand. Unlike Mary Kaye, this is not a multi-level marketing strategy.
Powered by 12 straight years of my sweat equity [aka: 12 years of slave!], empowered by my publicity, broadcasting sales and marketing talent, with Hill at the wheel steering the journey, BDA Boss Dolls will operate the same way we've done for 12 years, bhuetifully and pretty...philanthropically!

From social gatherings to volunteer opportunities, you're the Boss of your network! With our events templates in place, pull a Sales permit to roll out ticketed Black Doll Affairs and BDA bucket list Experiences! Get our gear at wholesale prices and sell them at retail level. At your service, is our in-house publicist, brand managers and marketing professionals. You are not alone. Why start a business from scratch when ya Mama's already been there done that?

Whether you want to make a little money or a lot, go all in or dabble a bit, roll out a full annual calendar of Affairs or one big annual ticketed event, with your license to sell you can mirror Affairs at the HQ level or work with us to produce a unique Black Doll Affair! Black Doll golf tournament anybody?

The Black Doll Affair's Boss Doll program allows us to grow our mission further around the globe and help more people in need. Now that's bhuetiful indeed!

Who's next? You?
Or, join me this Saturday for my Boss Doll Lunch & Learn.
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