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When companies do not fill an open position it can be detrimental to the overall organization.  Not only does it cost your organization  money to leave a position vacant, it has a  negative affect on the current employees who have to carry the additional work of the open position. This can result in a loss of revenue and a stressful work environment that makes employees less productive and unhappy. Ultimately affecting the bottom line. 

When filling an open position this is an opportunity for an investment in the future success of the company. Hiring the right candidate that fits the job profile and company culture will result in a better corporate outcome and increase and enhance team morale. 

Many companies do not have the time or resources to successfully source and screen candidates to ensure that they are the right fit for the position or company culture.  We at The Dahill Group strive to find the best talent for our client's and we let our work speak for itself. 

"Now come on Elizabeth.  I knew you were good but seriously, a near perfect candidate right out of the box?   Had a great interview with CP.  I have never had an interview go for 2½ hours.  I was very impressed.  Professional, articulate and very personable. " - Stephen Marks, General Manager of TKM Resources 

" Elizabeth  has a deep knowledge and  experience in the oil and gas value chain, including upstream and midstream sectors. She's been willing to invest her time and resources in a couple of start-ups I've been involved with and provided the same level of commitment and service excellent she provided while I was at a large public midstream company. She is a valuable resource to any organization, from startup to established stages." - Johan Themaat, CEO of Black Canyon Midstream 

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